FAQ for TriggerMarketing Social

Ad Placement & Targeting 

Where are the ads shown? 
Your ad will appear on Facebook and Instagram in the newsfeed of users within your optimal target audience. These are "native ads", which means they appear as a post, among updates from the users’ friends and family. These ads are highly focused on mobile display, but will also display on the desktop in some cases.

Who sees the ads?
The system will determine the optimal audience for your ad based on your listing and our proprietary likely mover profile honed over multiple years' worth of data and thousands of ads run.

What area is targeted?
Your ads will only be shown to Facebook and Instagram users who are within a 15-mile radius around your listing. This minimum radius is the result of a Facebook company decision. Thankfully, as a result of this change, ads have been performing even better with a lower cost-per-lead.

How many people will see my ads?
This depends on many factors regarding the area of your listing. We cannot guarantee a set number of views (impressions) of an advertisement on Facebook and Instagram since every advertisement will be shown to a very specific set of people matched to our proprietary likely mover profile. Since not every area has the same number of people, the counts may vary. However, the average number of views for a: 

  • 3-day campaign is 900 to 1,400
  • 7-day campaign is 1,900 to 2,200
  • 14-day campaign is 3,900 to 4,400

How do I know if my ads are targeting the right people?
Our system uses your listing’s address as the center of our geographic target and a proprietary likely mover profile based on years of data and thousands of ads to show your message to people in the area.

What if I want to customize my ads?
There are some special cases where altering a campaign might make sense, but you’ll get the best results if you put the data we already have to work in optimizing your campaign. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that any of your custom preferences will yield results.

How long will it take for my ads to launch?
Once you've granted ‘Social Concierge’ access to your Facebook page, your ads will be set up and launched within 2 business days. We'll send you an email at each step of the way so you know what's happening. If you’re not receiving emails, make sure you add noreply@social.quantumdigital.com as a trusted contact. 


Setting Up Facebook Ads

Can I use a personal Facebook Account?
No, only Business Pages can advertise on Facebook. You can create one yourself here.

What is a Facebook Business Page?
A Facebook Business Page allows you to build and maintain your professional brand through Facebook Advertising. A Facebook Business page is different from the personal profile you use to communicate with friends and relatives. Check out Facebook’s tutorial on creating your Business Page.

Why do you need my Facebook Business Page URL?
The advertising we do on your behalf is run through Facebook’s mobile advertising platform and in order for us to place ads on your behalf, we need to have administrative access to your Facebook Business Page. Don’t worry, we don’t control your page and you can revoke access to us at any time, but we’re confident you’ll want to keep us around when you see the leads roll in.

How do I set up a Facebook Business Page?
See Facebook’s tutorial or read our How-To Blog post for a step-by-step guide for Real Estate related tips when setting up a Page.

How do I change which Facebook Business Page my ads use?
On your next order, change the Facebook business page URL that is auto-populated and we’ll send a new request to connect to that page.

Do I need a website?
No. If your broker TriggerMarketing program is set up to use a custom landing page, we'll direct lead traffic to that page. Otherwise, we’ll just send them back to your Facebook page or listing-specific TriggerMarketing® landing page at www.learnmorenow.com

How do I grant admin access to ‘Social Concierge’?

  1. Log into your personal Facebook account.
  2. Go to your Facebook Business Page: Click the downward arrow in the top right of the blue bar and select Use Facebook as (Your Business Page).
  3. At the top of your page on the right, click Settings.
  4. On the left panel of the Settings page click Page Roles.
  5. At the bottom of the Page Roles page, you should see a request from Social Concierge. Click Respond and then Accept.
  6. You may be prompted to enter your password to confirm access.
  7. Congratulations! You should now see Social Concierge listed as an Admin in the Page Roles section of your page.

Will this work for Vacation Areas / Remote Areas / Land?

  • Resort/Vacation Areas: Yes. These ads aren’t just trying to find a buyer for your listing (though that can happen). They’re meant to show people in the area what you can do for them, potentially getting you more listings. Many folks looking at buying vacation property spend time there first (renting, vacations, etc.).
  • Remote Areas/Small Towns: Yes. We’ve seen good results with small towns and remote areas.
  • Land: Yes. One of our most successful campaigns to date was advertising a piece of land.


Placing an Order for an Ad

I’ve submitted an order, but I’m not receiving any lead or confirmation emails. What do I do?
This could be one of a few issues: 1) Check to ensure the Facebook Business Page URL you provided in the order form is typed/copied correctly. 2) Make sure you granted our ‘Social Concierge’ admin access to your Facebook business page so our team can run the advertisements for you. 3) We might not have launched the advertisement yet, see the question: “How long will it take for my ads to launch?”

Who is Social Concierge, why are they requesting Facebook access?
Social Concierge is our partner that helps us manage the Facebook Advertising portion of this service. Facebook’s rules are constantly changing, so our partnership with them ensures we stay on top of all of the Facebook technology updates and allows us to focus on building out even better marketing systems for your needs. They are amazing people who understand Real Estate, we know you’ll love having them on your team! Make sure you grant Social Concierge Admin access so you can take advantage of this amazing service!

Why is there a delay requirement when scheduling my Open House Ad?
We require a one-day setup delay to ensure that:

  1. We have advertising access on your Facebook Business page.
  2. We can be 100% sure your ad will run for the full 3, 7, or 14-day campaign length.


Ad Results & Reporting

What results can I expect?
You will receive a report that highlights your ad's performance in Views, Clicks, and Leads: 

  • Views represent how many people who have seen your ad. 
  • Clicks are the number or people who have clicked on the ad
  • Leads are people who have filled out the contact form to receive more info

While we cannot guarantee actual results, a typical 3-day campaign will see on average 900+ views, 45+ clicks, and 6 to 10 leads. The 7-day campaign averages 1,900+ views, 90+ clicks and 10-14 leads. Our 14-day campaigns average 3,900+ views, 190+ clicks and 20-28 leads.

How many leads will I get?
Leads are not guaranteed since there are too many factors involved with getting them. However, our case studies have yielded impressive results and we hope you will have a similar experience!

Are results guaranteed?
No, but we want you to be as excited as we are about this product, so we will absolutely work with you to identify problems and generate positive results!

What should I do with my leads?
The agents that report the most success with these campaigns reach out immediately via phone and email, focus on building a dialogue with the leads about their interests and questions, and take things from there! Remember, these campaigns aren’t meant to just move a property (though it can happen). They’re all about branding you and showing people what you’re doing in their neighborhood to help grow your contacts!

How do I know when I have a lead?
You should be receiving lead emails in real-time as they submit the information on your advertisement. Be sure to add noreply@social.quantumdigital.com to your trusted contacts to ensure the lead emails do not end up in your spam folder. If you’re still not receiving emails, contact us at info@quantumdigital.com or 800-637-7373.

Do I receive a report of how my campaign is doing?
Yes, you do! At the end of your campaign, we’ll send you an email report showing how many times your ads were seen, how many actions were taken, and how many leads you generated. This is a great report you can share with your clients. We’ll also attach a .csv file with all of the lead contact information we collected for you.

How do I view my campaign report?
For now, the only way to view your full campaign report is to click on your unique 'Campaign Status Page' link in the emails we send you. If you've deleted all of your communications, you can contact our support at info@quantumdigital.com and ask them to resend an email containing your unique link.

My Campaign Status Page is blank, what do I do?
Unfortunately, Facebook only hosts lead information for 30 days after a campaign. After this time, we lose access to the campaign data that was once on your status page. Make sure you're viewing your status pages when we email you from noreply@social.quantumdigital.com so you can download your leads via a .csv format.

Can I check the status of my campaign while it’s running?
Yes. You’ll receive a custom link in your email when the campaign goes live so you can track it in real-time.


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