The One-Minute Real Estate Marketing Guide

Today’s real estate agents face the same challenges agents have faced for a long time—a shortage of time. This whitepaper provides a five-step guide for easily marketing your real estate services with a simple mix of new and traditional marketing strategies—some of which take less than a minute—that will boost your ROI and save you time.

Key Trends & Technologies Shaping the Future of Marketing

Marketing is evolving faster than ever before. The culmination of several factors is leading to an explosion of fundamentals marketers need to understand when attempting guide business decisions over the next decade. Fortunately, looking at growing trends and influences today can highlight the direction marketers will need to take going forward. Download this paper to learn what marketers need to master over the next 10 years, how technology is affecting the brand experience, the potential impact of mobile on marketing, and why data is becoming the new currency.

When Business Slows Down, Agencies Look Forward

Executive leaders from top advertising agencies and world-recognized brands share how they are using new technologies and marketing integration strategies to give campaigns lift while supporting healthy business growth. Uncover reasons why businesses stall and ways to ignite consistent growth in the future. Learn how a well-planned, integrated marketing approach that utilizes an appropriate mix of new and traditional media is likely to offer the best chance for continued agency success.

Merging Mobile Technologies into Your 2011 Direct Marketing Mix

Explore the impact of mobile technologies on the direct marketing landscape and take a look at two trends that are predicted to dominate in 2011. Learn how businesses are blending these new technologies—QR codes and SMS texting—with direct mail and print to drive deeper customer engagement, build richer data sets, and diversify revenue streams.

5 Ways for Agencies to Strengthen Business and Boost Profit

Examine five ways marketing and advertising agencies can strengthen business amid a shifting direct marketing landscape. Explore how agencies can satisfy clients’ needs while growing revenue by focusing on efficiency, return on investment, and integrated marketing strategies that provide enhanced value to clients.

Fresh Marketing Technologies Agencies Can Use to Gain a Strategic Edge

Current economic conditions are forcing agencies to explore innovative ways to satisfy their clients’ budget-conscious needs while increasing billables to grow revenue. Learn how advertising and marketing agencies can strategically blend creative with QR codes, mobile texting, event triggers, and more—to automate lead generation, provide clients with real-time metrics, and grow their bottom line.

Leveraging Technology to Improve Direct Mail ROI

Smart marketers today are blending sophisticated marketing technologies with direct mail and other emerging channels to track campaign elements, collect valuable lead data and generate ROI metrics. Explore how to leverage new technologies—like QR codes, mobile texting, marketing automation, and more—in ways that motivate consumer engagement and response while giving a boost to your bottom line.

Adventures in Event-Triggered Marketing: Automating Local Lead Generation

Now more than ever, businesses are looking for ways to generate qualified leads, save time and grow market share while conserving budgets. Discover how they are using automated, event-triggered marketing to easily uncover local prospects and get warm lead notifications delivered to their inbox in real time.

5 Direct Marketing Trends to Watch

New technologies, consumer preferences and efforts to drive down costs while increasing ROI are shaping how, when and where marketers are communicating with audiences. Take a look at where direct marketing is headed in 2010. Learn how you can leverage these new trends to access the customers you want, gain more visibility, grow market share and boost ROI.

Year in Rewind: Marketing Lessons Learned in 2009

More than any year before, this was the year marketers had to find new ways to reduce spend, improve campaign results and grow long-term business. New technologies paired with tried-and-true direct marketing tactics are giving marketers everything they are searching for—targeted marketing, increased response rates, reduced spend, consumer participation, speed, automation and more. Following is a summary of lessons learned in 2009—a collection of fresh strategies, tools and technologies that are helping marketers gain momentum and develop new business despite the...

3 New Ways to Use Direct Mail for Building Leads

Direct mail isn't what it used to be-boring and impersonal. Variable data capabilities and cross-channel marketing ideas are breathing new life into direct mail. As a result, marketers are recognizing this medium as a critical part of lead-building campaigns. Learn three ways savvy marketers are using direct mail to build, qualify and nurture leads while saving time and money.

Social Media & Direct Mail: Join the Conversation and Gain More Leads

Consumers today crave genuine, reciprocal relationships with brands. These consumers want engagement, community and a voice. As a result, savvy marketers are applying new techniques and technologies to traditional direct marketing channels, such as direct mail and email, in order to better engage with existing customers, attract new prospects and motivate open communication.

Personalization: Proof That Relevant Content is King

Highly personalized direct marketing efforts have been proven time and time again to improve response rates, boost sales and promote action on the part of the consumer/prospect. Now, variable data technology is making it easier, more effective and cheaper than ever to include personalized data on direct mail pieces, printed collateral, in email messages and on landing pages. See how Move, Inc. leveraged personalization and technology to help real estate agents attract new business, increase response rates from leads and generate revenue despite a struggling real...

Understanding Email Marketing's Impact and ROI

Email is becoming a pervasive part of many American's home and work life; and for many businesses, email marketing is an opportunity to quickly and affordably reach their target audience and drive meaningful revenue. Uncover the value of commercial email marketing for the purposes of prospecting, customer retention, product and service promotion, building brand awareness and more by exploring ROI forecasts, best practices, and attitudes towards email marketing. Learn how email design, related legislation and email viewing platforms are affecting outcomes of email...

Understanding Direct Mail Impact and ROI

In this challenging economy, marketers are turning their backs on mass media advertising and are seeking solace from direct mail. There’s a reason why this medium continues to remain a top choice for businesses, large and small, despite the introduction of new media such as internet marketing, email and social networks. Uncover the value of direct mail by exploring ROI forecasts, best practices, consumer attitudes towards direct mail and how technology is making direct mail one of the most powerful and profitable marketing...

Where in the World are Your Perfect Prospects?

New, innovative technology is helping businesses save money, increase response rates and improve return on investment by targeting ideal customers with direct mail. Examine one of these tools, called MapMail®, and follow two small to medium-sized businesses as they give it a try.

Best Practices for Effective Email Design

Design is an important factor influencing how email platforms and recipients view marketing emails. Learn why design plays such a critical role in reaching target audiences and shaping their ideas of your brand as we share industry best practices for email design.

The Bond Between Email & Direct Mail for Lead Generation

The emergence and proliferation of digital marketing methods such as email, social networking and blogs have some marketers questioning the relevance of using traditional direct mail to generate leads and grow business. With Internet marketing becoming more commonplace, is direct mail still an effective marketing method? Learn how using email and direct mail marketing together can improve response rates and generate qualified leads.

The Power of Web-to-print Portals

Many growing enterprise level businesses are turning to web-to-print portal solutions to centralize, control and disperse marketing materials. Web-to-print portals help franchises and large organizations with distributed sales networks keep in contact with their audience without putting pressure on tight budgets and already exhausted resources.

The Power of Web-to-print Portals in Real Estate

Many growing enterprise level businesses are turning to web-to-print portal solutions to help centralize, control and disperse marketing materials to distributed sales networks. The real estate industry is no exception. For many major real estate firms, web-to-print portals help agents and brokers keep in contact with their audience without putting pressure on tight budgets and already exhausted resources.