integrated marketing strategy

The best way to generate business for your organization is to use multiple marketing channels. Discover new ideas on how to integrate your traditional marketing methods with the newer digital forms and find out what works for your organization.

integrating many different methods into your marketing

Eric Cosway, EVP and CMO of QuantumDigital shares the importance of optimzing direct mail postcards for realtors by pointing receipents to engage with them on social media platforms. 

generation x woman checking the mail

A frequently challenged marketing myth is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach young people via traditional marketing. Many marketers are seemingly convinced that Generations X and Y simply won’t respond to traditional marketing tactics.

From TV and radio to direct mail, the reality is that the most effective ways to reach Gen X and Y are surprisingly traditional. Yes, there’s social media, email, and several other digital platforms; there’s also traditional direct mail marketing.

generation y ladies looking at cell phone

There’s an assumption among many that Generation Y – people born between the mid-1980s and the early 2000s – is extremely difficult to reach via traditional media and direct mail.

Like most assumptions, it’s equal parts true and untrue. While Gen Y is far more involved in digital media than previous generations, its members are also highly responsive to direct mail and other more “traditional” forms of marketing.