Postcard Marketing Posts

Real estate professionals have been using postcards to sell properties for a long time. Tap into their secret by using postcards in a direct mail campaign to help build or grow your local business.

real estate agent handing you the keys to your new house
Generate warm leads while simplifying and automating your marketing efforts

TriggerMarketing, our MLS-enabled Just Listed and Sold marketing program, is an excellent tool for use in your prospecting. Using TriggerMarketing, you can deliver personalized postcards to the area around your latest Just Sold properties. From personalization to simple tracking and follow-ups, TriggerMarketing offers a huge range of benefits for you as a realtor or real estate broker. Read on to discover how you can use TriggerMarketing to simplify and automate your prospecting.

plan a vs plan b: testing your direct mail marketing postcards first
How A/B testing can drive more responses and increase your ROI

Testing your postcard campaign is the best way to ensure your messaging is being interpreted the way you want, and producing great results. Here's a quick tip on how to implement A/B testing into your next real estate postcard campaign. 

toddler at a daycare that uses direct mail marketing techniques

Day care facilities face a rather unique set of circumstances when it comes to marketing themselves to prospective clients. Like any business, they need to present themselves in a positive light, in a way which appeals to the needs of customers. However there are also extra challenges which have to be overcome if the center is to succeed.

generation x woman checking the mail

A frequently challenged marketing myth is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach young people via traditional marketing. Many marketers are seemingly convinced that Generations X and Y simply won’t respond to traditional marketing tactics.

From TV and radio to direct mail, the reality is that the most effective ways to reach Gen X and Y are surprisingly traditional. Yes, there’s social media, email, and several other digital platforms; there’s also traditional direct mail marketing.