REAL Trends Online Performance Study

Welcome to the 2016 Online Performance Study, a practical guide to technology and marketing for real estate brokerages.

The study is broken down to show how technology and marketing intersect with each step of the real estate process—starting before consumers know they are ready to look for a home and culminating with clients for life and relationship management strategies to implement long after the sale.

New this year will be expanded areas on video, social media, predictive marketing and online reputation management. In this report, we will take an in-depth look at best marketing and technology strategies and then break it all down into actionable areas that you may apply to your business.

With REAL Trends’ years of experience and data collected from our consulting work with brokers, teams and sales associates across the United States and Canada, we can guide you to the strategies that are working and help you avoid those that aren’t.

The REAL Trends Technology Team is a group of specialized consultants with various areas of expertise in each of the major categories in this study. Combined with actual client case studies, data, and trials and tribulations, we are leading with real-world experience and advice.

This report also discusses advice from several industry-leading technology companies, all vetted by REAL Trends.

Click here to read and download the REAL Trends and QuantumDigital Online Performance Summary for 2016.

Online Performance study cover for quantumdigital