Huff Real Estate Marketing Tools

Huff Real Estate Marketing Tools

Try TriggerMarketing to launch your next campaign.

TriggerMarketing is the only one-click marketing program that prepares just listed campaigns for you using the best of targeted direct mail, social media, and online marketing to get the best results. The minute recipients seek more information about a property, an email alert is sent to you with their contact information. Watch a quick video to see how it works.

Just Listed Postcards & Just Sold Postcards from your Mobile Device

Order marketing within minutes right from your smart phone.
Each time you add a new listing to your property database, a targeted postcard campaign is instantly prepared for you. Just click to order.

Drive traffic to your listing posted online.
Postcard recipients can scan a unique QR code or visit a keyword protected website to get more information about a property.

Instantly see who's responding to your marketing and how.
TriggerMarketing notifies you with an email the minute prospects seek information using the response technologies mentioned above. Email alerts include details about each lead so you can follow up immediately.

order direct mail and social marketing directly from your phone

realtor announce listings on Facebook and Twitter to create social buzz using marketing automation

Easily announce listings on Facebook and Twitter to create social buzz.
Just click the link included on your TriggerMarketing order receipt and we'll do the rest. Visitors to your Facebook profile page will be able to "Like" and "Share" your listing.

Get valuable lead data and real-time reports.
Access real-time reports that give you the information you need to expand your prospect base and follow up with warm leads. Plus, charts show your existing clients how you’re driving attention to their property listing.

reports and charts: get valuable reports from your social media efforts

What is the cost?

TriggerMarketing is a comprehensive, lead-generation marketing program that includes everything for a low per-piece price. There's no monthly fee to participate — TriggerMarketing is included with your QuantumDigital account.
Jumbo-sized TriggerMarketing postcards are only 73¢ each and include:

  • Fully automated marketing program integrated with your property database
  • Attractive postcards featuring primary house photo and your headshot
  • Vibrant, full-color printing on high-quality, durable paper stock
  • Mailing list and standard postage included
  • Custom webpage featuring the listing's details
  • Monthly reports outlining campaign performance
  • Contact information of responders/warm leads that want more details!

Try TriggerMarketing now!

There are no extra fees to enroll in the TriggerMarketing program. Here's how to participate.


Not getting an email after listing a property?
Call 800-637-7373 or email

  • Log in to ClientConnect and visit the "Profile" section. Make sure that your personal contact information, including your email address, is correct.
  • Go to your QuantumDigital account via the link on ClientConnect. Make sure a credit card is on file.
  • Be on the lookout for TriggerMarketing emails! Initiate just listed marketing campaigns with one click.