Web-to-Print and Direct Mail Marketing Portals

On-Demand Direct Marketing

For industries that thrive on a network of distributed field staff and locations, or for agencies looking for ways to streamline marketing production and distribution, the benefits of using a web-to-print portal are monumental.

Our customized web-to-print marketing portals make it easy for creative agencies and enterprise-level businesses to control, distribute, track and personalize elements within branded direct marketing campaigns.

Leverage web-to-print marketing portals to:

on demand direct marketing control branding

Control branding elements and maintain integrity of brand identity

web to print portal

Allow the personalization of marketing materials at the local level

print direct mail

Streamline the process of distributing and printing marketing collateral

on demand direct marketing reduce management

Reduce management, production, printing and storage costs

web to print portal marketing manage budget

Easily manage marketing budgets or distribute co-op funds

print direct mail marketing track roi

Track campaign ROI and marketing activity by location, associate or client

From a single location online, distributed sales teams or agency clients can access branding guidelines, process documents and approved sales support materials. They can also order collateral — such as brochures, POS materials, booklets, direct mail postcards, and more — customize them for their local markets and print them on demand. Users of these portals can even create, deploy and track branded email marketing campaigns targeted to their local audience.

A Collaborative Effort: Working with Our Information Technology Team

Our IT team works closely with agencies and enterprise clients to develop and host custom web-to-print portals that feature targeted direct mail, on-demand printing, eMarketing and more. We've implemented an open, collaborative process with clients that allows us to develop their perfect direct marketing solution — one that both satisfies current needs yet is flexible enough to accommodate potential future needs.

The Development Process

Our proven multi-phase approach for developing custom web-to-print portals ensures that all of our client's needs are organized and achieved in a timely manner.

The initial developmental phase establishes the business case for the new application architecture. Information collected from the client during this phase will be used to develop a prototype of the web-to-print portal's user interface. Our team will also define workflows and identify needed links to, or integration with, external systems such as existing CRM and accounting back-end systems.

An overall project plan is also developed that groups desired web-to-print portal functions and features into one or more application releases. This initial diagnostic phase is usually completed within several weeks and takes about 20-40 percent of the client's time.

During the delivery phase, our team executes action items and develops the client's web-to-print direct marketing solution based on well-defined specifications and mutually agreed upon release schedules. The delivery phase is usually completed within weeks and/or months and takes about 15-30 percent of the client's time.

The Result

Through a customized web-to-print marketing portal, you will be able to empower your clients or sales teams, control brand, build market share and communicate in more compelling ways.

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