TriggerMarketing: Prospecting Leads With Automated Postcard Mailing

TriggerMarketing® is a quick and easy way to uncover local prospects and receive real-time warm lead notifications via email.

Who should consider automated local prospecting?

An automated local prospecting program is ideal for marketing directors of organizations relying on local awareness for business growth.

  • Service-oriented franchise corporations
  • Agencies servicing clients with service-oriented businesses

How does it work?

We integrate an organization's existing database with our direct mail marketing platform in order to automate local lead generation campaigns

Step 1:

New data detected on corporate database

Step 2:

Email sent to company's team member requesting authorization for mailing

Step 3:

Postcards featuring a unique code are printed and mailed to targeted audiences

Step 4:

Recipients use the code and provide data to access special offers or more information

Step 5:

Immediately following, the team member receives a warm lead notification via email

Step 6:

The team member can then immediately follow up with the warm lead

TriggerMarketing takes the guesswork out of direct marketing and allows distributed sales/field reps to spend their time doing what they do best in the field.

Ready to try TriggerMarketing?

Request a strategic planning session to explore how TriggerMarketing can boost your bottom line.

During your strategic planning session, we will discuss:

  • Your organization’s current marketing challenges and successes
  • How TriggerMarketing can help your organization reach reach your stated goals
  • Ways to integrate new technologies with campaigns to improve efficiency, response rates and ROI
  • New direct marketing channels (mobile, web, social, etc.)

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