Want to stay top of mind and generate more listing leads? Our Farming program, AutoMail Plus, lets you schedule an entire year’s worth of targeted neighborhood postcards in just a few clicks.

Boost Your Leads with AutoMail Plus

AutoMail Plus automatically delivers trackable leads straight to your inbox. Each postcard features a free online market report that drives your prospects online to learn more.

Inman's AutoMail Plus Review:

"AutoMail Plus is ideal for any agent or team looking to enhance direct mail campaigns or gain new leads from a specific neighborhood. Print and direct mail are far from dead. Agents who know how to use it well are still winning leads and closing listings." 
-Craig Rowe, Inman News

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AutoMail Plus is a pay-as-you-go service that is free to set up and can be modified at any time. Just three easy steps, and your farming is handled for the year!
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