Listing Mail Announcements

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Automatically prepared and designed MLS listing announcements

Our Listing Announcement program, TriggerMarketing, is a lead generation program that automatically creates postcard campaigns for each new listing or sale within 24 hours of making a change in the MLS.

It's so fast and easy, it’s like having a virtual marketing assistant!

  • Pricing starts at only $71 to print and mail 100 postcards!
  • Warm and hot leads sent directly to your inbox
  • Mail both around the target property and to selected lists

Get Started with TriggerMarketing

TriggerMarketing is included as part of your QuantumDigital account.
If you already have an account and are not receiving email alerts when you list or sell a property, call our dedicated Customer Support team today at 800-637-7373. We’re happy to answer your questions and walk you through the setup.

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