Direct Mailing List Technologies

This feature allows you to visually identify on a map where you'd like your mailing to go. You can either 'draw' a freeform shape on the map or select a radius around a central location. Once you define an area on the map, MapMail will note the addresses contained within the area and use those addresses for the mailing.
With NeighborMail, just identify one property address and we'll compile a list containing other homes in the area with similar price points and features.

StreetMail allows you to generate a one-time-use mailing list by identifying one or more streets within an area. StreetMail then sends your mailing only to addresses on those streets.

ZipMail allows you to identify one or more Zip Codes™ as the target mailing area. Just tell us the quantity of pieces you'd like to send and we'll deliver your direct mail pieces to addresses within the Zip Codes you specify.

EasiFarm allows you to target consumers by selecting and saving a list of streets within a geographic area. With our regular, automated list updates, you benefit by always using the most current address list available.

PersonaLIST allows you to upload and use names and addresses stored on your computer for your mailing. Files must be in an accepted format such as .XLS, .DBF, or .CSV. If you don’t have a saved contact list you'd like to upload, PersonaLIST will allow you to manually enter individual contacts.

PerfectProspect analyses your current customer database through intelligent demographic filters to construct a detailed profile of your ideal client type. By targeting only those prospects who are most likely to respond to your offers, you’ll increase the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing campaigns while saving time, money and effort.