Marketing Tips for Real Estate

Keeping in regular contact with your target audience is one of the best ways to build trust. A simple and effective way to achieve this is to deliver a monthly tips or news update email or direct mail series to your prospects.

Coming up with a concept for a monthly tips series is simple: pick a topic you know a lot about, then break it down into twelve different pieces – one for each month of the year.

Over time, the tips you deliver will help prospects learn more about the ways your business can help them. They’ll become more informed customers and grow to see your business as trustworthy and dependable.

Can’t think of anything to write about? We’ve put together two examples of effective Tip of the Month campaigns, as well as a few helpful tips to help you create a campaign that keeps your real estate business in regular contact with its target audience.


Simple Tips for Real Estate Prospecting

One of the most important aspects of running a real estate business is ensuring that leads are steadily flowing at all times. A great way to generate leads is to send useful tips and tricks to your target market on a regular basis.

An example of an effective tips newsletter is a monthly update that lists property sales in the area and how they affect the local market. You can talk about the price of real estate in the area and trends that affect homeowners.

You can also share practical tips, such as how to achieve the highest sale price for a home. This might seem like giving away important information for free – and it is, in a way – but it has a huge effect on people’s perception of your business.

When you give away useful information to your target audience, you’re no longer an unfamiliar entity asking for something from them. Instead, you’re providing value at no cost, making it far more likely they’ll trust you and your business in return.


Renovation Tips to Attract New Customers

Let’s pretend that instead of running a real estate business, you run a small heating and air conditioning company. The goal of your campaign is simple: encourage your target audience to install air conditioning for summer and insulation for winter.

The classic email or direct mail campaign strategy for most companies of this type is simple and direct: promote your products and services. But a far better way to attract your target audience’s attention and earn their trust is to offer useful information.

Instead of delivering a straightforward sales message, deliver a message with helpful insulation and heating tips. Share simple but effective ways to keep the house cool and comfortable during summer.

At the end of each tip, explain how your real estate business can help customers achieve even better results. This positions your business as a helper interested in making sure its prospects are happy, not just a business prospecting for new customers.


How Can Your Real Estate Business Use Tips to Generate New Business?

Delivering a Tip of the Month newsletter or direct mail series as way to generate new business has two huge benefits: it instantly brands your business as a trusted authority in its field, and it pre-qualifies your prospects.

Since your tips are only likely to be relevant for readers that have a real need for the service you’re selling, you’ll attract a pre-qualified audience of people to market your product or service to.

Better yet, you’ll achieve all of this while keeping in regular contact with your target audience, giving your business a great combination of short-term results and long-term brand recognition.