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QuantumDigital provides RE/MAX agents with easy-to-use real estate marketing services and fast, 24-hour turnaround speed. Since 1986, our passion has been to serve real estate professionals and make them successful by keeping marketing simple. When you sign up for your free account, you get instant access to all these great features:

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TriggerMarketing Postcards: Automatic MLS Just Listed & Just Sold Cards

TriggerMarketing makes just listed and just sold postcard marketing fast and easy. It’s our MLS-enabled postcard program that automatically prepares your cards, tracks responses and provides you with warm listing leads straight to your inbox. Order postcards with just one click! Here's how to get started:

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TriggerMarketing Social: Easy Facebook Ads for Listings and Sales

Get more leads with fast and effective real estate Facebook Ads. On average, these automated campaigns generate 7-10 new leads in just three days. In a matter of seconds, you can launch Just Listed and Just Sold Facebook Ads that can get 2,500 views!

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AutoMail Plus: Simple Farming Campaigns with Online Lead Tracking

AutoMail Plus is a fast and easy marketing system that combines monthly postcard farming with online lead tracking. In a matter of minutes, you can set up an entire year’s worth of targeted postcard farming that drives your prospects online and delivers warm leads straight to your inbox.

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Direct Mail and Printing Made Simple and Fast 

Get all the RE/MAX branded marketing essentials you need from one convenient location online.

Direct Mail Services: Create and send high-quality real estate postcards at a low per-piece price that includes lists, postage, RE/MAX templates and printing. 

Printing Services: Design, proof and print business cards, property flyers, neighborhood brochures and more; all with 24-hour turnaround speed! 

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