Targeting Your Farming Campaigns

Here is the video from our most recent "Targeting Your Farming" webinar series, featuring our AutoMail Plus marketing tools. 

Questions & Answers - From the agents that attended the live session

Are you available to answer questions while we are setting up our targeted mailing lists?
Absolutely, customer support is available M-F, 8am - 5pm CST at 800.637.7373.

How much is your service?
Pricing can be found online on our Automail page.

How is your service different from similar competitors?
Our farming and nurturing programs have lower minimums and no contracts.

Is there a set-up cost for this program?
No, there is no set-up cost or monthly fee. You pay only when a mailing is deployed.

Once an order is placed, am I charged for every month that is scheduled up front? Or monthly when the scheduled mailing is actually sent out?
You are only charged when the mailings go out. There are no upfront cost.

When a mailing goes out, will I receive a postcard sent to my address as a notification?
Yes. A free confirmation card is sent to the office address we have on the account every time an AutoMail mailing goes out.

Do you mail to the owners if it’s a rental home?
We do not have mail-through information about owners. You may select “Home Owners Only” and all renters will be eliminated from the list.

Am I able to upload my own design?
Not for the AutoMail Plus Program. However, in the near future, we will be adding a DIY/On-Demand card that will allow you to upload your own design for an automated mailing campaign.

Do you have data supporting the effectiveness of this program?
We keep response data on our program. The average response rate is 2-3%. 

Am I able to receive a list of names/addresses that were mailed to?
Yes, after your mailing has been sent, you may request a follow-up report.

Are cards mailed on approximately the same day (date) each month?
Yes. We process AutoMail campaigns around the 20th of each month.

Last month I sent out 1,000 postcards to a farm area, I did not receive any call or QR/web leads. How long should I expect it to take for a listing lead if I mail monthly?
You can expect responses up to 30 days after the mailing. Typically, the best results will be after several mailings.

If I manage marketing for multiple agents, am I able to receive personalized leads for each agent?
Yes, leads go directly to the agent email on each account.

Have you had issues with the post office or mail carriers not delivering the postcards?
No. USPS is under contract to deliver all mail. If you believe a mailing was not delivered, you can call our customer support team and ask for USPS delivery scan data. Customer support is available M-F, 8am - 5pm CST at 800.637.7373.

I’m farming my neighborhood. It’s 138 homes, of which 114 addresses are used and cards mailed. However, my home doesn’t get a card. Why not? Why do some addresses not get covered?
Our mailing lists are screened for utmost accuracy and occupants must have at least three separate, verifiable sources to make it on the list. If an address does not have at least 3 sources, it will not appear on our lists.

Is the disclaimer “If you are working with another agent this is not intended to be a solicitation” included on the postcard?
Yes. We include that disclaimer on each of our real estate mailings.

Do you offer this type of marketing campaign through email addresses on an agents SOI?
No, we do not offer email marketing.

Is there a way for mail recipients to unsubscribe?
Yes. You may add them to your personal do not mail list. We will exclude them when we pull the lists.

Am I able to add mailing address of absent owners from public records to a separate personal mail list?
Yes. If you have these addresses, you may upload them to a personal list and add that to your farming list through QuantumDigital.

Does QuantumDigital mail to PO boxes?
No, PO Boxes are not included in our mailing lists.

What is SOI?
Sphere of influence or contact list.

Can I upload a SOI list from Excel?

Am I able to search by mailing address if different than street address, for 2nd home owners?
No, not at this time. 

Can I customize our contact number?
Yes. All your contact information can be customized in the “My Info” section of your account.

Do you have items set up with my company's branding?
Yes. We have branding for most major real estate companies. To inquire about your specific company, contact customer support, M-F, 8am - 5pm CST at 800.637.7373.

Is there a product for simply sending a certain number of cards to the properties surrounding a just sold or just listed address? For example, 50-100 cards to surrounding homes?
Yes, that product is TriggerMarketing®.


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