TriggerMarketing: Using It For Your Just Listed Campaigns

TriggerMarketing Just Listed Just Sold Postcards

Add a New Listing or Sale

Triggermarketing® is integrated with the property database. When an agent adds a new listing or reports a sale to the database, TriggerMarketing automatically prepares a customized, targeted postcard mail campaign with flyers.*

Order Marketing from Wherever You Are

TriggerMarketing sends the agent an email notifying them that their marketing campaign is ready for their approval. The agent can approve and order the prepared just sold real estate postcards or just listed postcards and flyers* from wherever they receive email, including their mobile device.

New Feature! Customize Your TriggerList®

In addition to mailing to homes around the target property, now TriggerCards® can mail to Sphere of Influence (SOI) and other saved lists. Agents can edit their TriggerList selections at any time.

Reach Prospects Faster

Within 24 hours, TriggerCards get mailed to homes around the target property and to the agent's TriggerList, while listing flyers* get shipped directly to the agent's door. TriggerMarketing also makes it easy for agents to start conversations about their property activity on Facebook and Twitter.

Follow-Up with Warm Leads

Technology on the TriggerCards allows responses to be tracked. When a prospect visits the property website, contact details for that recipient are instantly emailed to the agent so they can follow up quickly.

*Flyers are produced only for new listings.