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4 Ideas for Postcards in January

Dec 20, 2014   •   4 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

January is a month of growth and progress. For marketers, it’s also a month that’s full of opportunities. From helping people achieve their New Year’s resolutions to marketing your B2B services, there are numerous ways to stand out in January.

In this guide, we’ve shared four reasons to send direct mail postcards to promote your business in January. Whether you’re a personal trainer, a B2B firm or a local bookstore, read on to learn how you can make January a mega-successful month.

Help people achieve their New Year’s resolutions

For many people, the first month of the year is a great opportunity to improve their personal habits and transform their lives. January is when people start taking action on their New Year’s resolutions – something your business can help them with.

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to slim down, shape up and get healthier. From personal trainers to nutritional supplement companies, this super-common New Year’s resolution is a great marketing direct mail opportunity.

Other common New Year’s resolutions revolve around personal finances, careers, productivity and more. If your business helps people improve themselves, the first few days of January are a great window of opportunity for your direct mail efforts.

An ideal marketing opportunity for:

  • Health food and supplement retailers
  • Fitness centers and personal trainers
  • Financial advisors and career coaches


Capitalize on the desire for businesses to grow

It’s not just individuals that want to improve in the new year – businesses, from big brands to local companies, also want to develop and grow. If you offer a professional service that’s valuable to business, January is a great time to start your marketing.

From local businesses to Fortune 500 brands, choose your direct mail targets wisely and you could gain lucrative new clients in January. The key to effective direct mail marketing in January is to tap into the universal desire for growth in the new year.

Focus on how your service – whether it’s marketing consultancy or accounting – is a vital component of growth and professional development. The right combination of service and message can strike a chord with your audience and grow your client list.

An ideal marketing opportunity for:

  • Marketing and management consultants
  • Accountants and outsourcing agencies
  • Business coaches and professional mentors


Help people refresh their style and personality

For many people, a new year means a new wardrobe. Whether you operate a local boutique or an expansive department store, January is a great time to deliver your latest catalog to both existing customers and new prospects.

With a focus on personal change and growth, you can tap into people’s desire for a successful start to the year. Image matters, and many people think of updating their look as a great way to update their career, style and personality.

From the latest international arrivals to eye-catching local designs, make January a month to showcase everything new in the world of fashion and design. With a great message behind your campaign, you’ll attract a powerful wave of new business.

An ideal marketing opportunity for:

  • Fashion boutiques and retail stores
  • Department stores and mail order shops
  • Tailors and personal stylists/image consultants


Offer big discounts to sell leftover December stock

Not only is January a great time to promote new products – it’s also a great time to offer big discounts on products left over from the pre-Christmas retail rush. If your business has excess inventory, now’s a great time to discount and promote it.

From big discounts on consumer electronics to buy-one-get-one-free deals on your most popular leftover Christmas gifts, use January as an opportunity to clear away existing stock and make room for the new year’s hottest products.

An ideal marketing opportunity for:

  • Big-box retailers and supermarkets
  • Local retail stores and brands
  • Online and mail order stores


How will you market your business this January?

Some marketers think of January as a “month off” – a slow, relaxing month after the massive retail surge that occurs in late November and throughout the entire month of December.

Smart marketers, on the other hand, view it as a great opportunity to start the new year on a high note – one that, with the right marketing, can be sustained with ease into February. How will you market your business this January?

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