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How Automation Keeps You at the Forefront of Real Estate Marketing

Apr 13, 2018   •   4 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

As automation and the use of artificial intelligence in real estate becomes more widespread, marketing-savvy agents may be considering what the real benefits of its usage are. Are automated systems really worth investing in, or should you stick with your current marketing strategy? How can automation ensure that you are continuously building your brand while fostering an ongoing relationship with clients?

The truth is that trend-savvy agents who want to stay up-to-date with the latest best practices for real estate marketing will greatly benefit from automation that seamlessly combines offline and online efforts, making their outreach and branding strategy even smarter. Here’s why.

A consistent presence. If you pride yourself in being a neighborhood expert, marketing automation will allow you to stay in front of prospects to continually share your community knowledge. Using an automated system, the time and effort required to manage your marketing communications will be reduced, while simultaneously ensuring regular contact. Further, systems with a multi-channel focus are immensely helpful for real estate agents who are attempting to manage an integrated marketing campaign. Prospects expect you to regularly engage with them both offline and online, and by doing so in multiple places -- from direct mail to Facebook -- your clients will feel connected to you and you’ll stand out amongst competitors in the market. Automation helps to accomplish this purpose while offloading some of the work required to build out a targeted marketing campaign.

More time. The key purpose behind any automated system is to make processes easier. Whether it’s a social media campaign, email marketing system or an automated real estate direct mail campaign -- automation removes some of the work involved in marketing, simplifying business processes that can be easily streamlined. Good automation systems will also incorporate some level of customer relationship management that will help you keep track of both prospective and current clients, helping you save time for other tasks.

A highly relevant message. Marketing today is all about meeting people with a product or service they’ll desire at the exact moment it’s most relevant. Automated systems ensure that you are sending out your message to the right people at exactly the right time - something that’s much harder to accomplish at scale by any other means. For example, solutions like QuantumDigital’s TriggerMarketing Social use advanced geo-targeting to identify prospects near your properties for Just Sold, Just Listed and Open House Facebook campaigns. TriggerMarketing Social automatically creates Facebook ads that can be deployed with the tap of a button, driving prospects to a property page where they can learn more. As prospects visit the page or fill out a contact form, you’ll get lead information delivered straight to your inbox in real time. This capability allows you to consistently be in front of prospects, warming up new acquaintances before following up with other outreach.

A better overall client experience. Valuable content enhances your services. Providing clients and prospects with content that’s useful to them on a consistent basis will increase trust and build your brand as a reputable and helpful agent. For example, giving clients free access to a neighborhood market snapshot will aid them in the decision to sell, and increase your brand recognition when they’re looking for an agent to walk them through the process. An automated system allows you to distribute useful content and then track responses. Platforms like QuantumDigital’s TriggerMarketing send automated real estate direct mail postcards to your ideal audience, driving prospects online to view a personalized property page where they can learn more about a home or view a free market snapshot, aiding in both customer relationship management and brand building. By simplifying the process of creating content, using an automated system helps you deliver an optimal client experience.

As a marketing-focused agent, your natural drive for employing the latest and greatest in your branding to optimize the process of securing prospects means that real estate marketing automation is a valuable, practical capability for you. With real-time lead information, up-to-date integration of both online and offline marketing, and built-in consistency, automation makes lead generation easy and keeps clients engaged while bolstering your agent profile and efficiency. It’s the best way to save time while ensuring that relationships with both prospective and current clients are flourishing.

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