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4 Luxury Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Dec 5, 2022   •   4 min read   •   Real Estate

Would you market an inexpensive economy car in the same way as a luxury car? While marketers can clearly explain the differences between marketing a luxury product and marketing a commodity, many struggle to bring this to the world of real estate.

Luxury properties, from large homes to modern apartments, attract an extremely different type of buyer than regular properties. These buyers have very different priorities, making it important to market using a completely different message.

From calling attention to special features about the neighborhood to emphasizing value inside the home, there are many ways to convey the upscale nature of a luxury property in a customized postcard. Read on to learn how to effectively conduct your high end real estate marketing.

Don’t sell a property as a commodity, but as an experience

When creating luxury real estate postcards, brochures, or flyers for a property, which points do you emphasize? Most realtors focus on the key selling points of the home, such as its square footage, the number of bedrooms, and its value as an investment.

In the same way you expect all of the base features of an economy car in a luxury car, people shopping for luxury homes and apartments already expect base features, and rarely view them as major selling points.

Instead, people in the market for luxury properties are best marketed to by selling a property as an experience. That is, market the experience they can have in that property.

From watching children grow up in a beautiful family home to enjoying the best the city has to offer in a downtown apartment, create an image of a certain lifestyle and experience to market property that’s a cut above the average.

Explain the value of the neighborhood as a selling point

One of the most important aspects of selling luxury property is clearly explaining the value of location. Buyers of luxury homes rarely shop for the home on its own; instead, they shop for a home that’s conveniently located in a desirable area.

Draw attention to the value of the neighborhood by talking about who lives there in your high end real estate flyers. There’s no need to mention celebrities or public figures – instead, talk about the type of people that live in the area.

Is the home you’re selling located in an area that’s popular with successful doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs? Is the area renowned for its high quality schools that produce students capable of enrolling in the best colleges?

Successful people like to live around other successful people. Emphasize the value of the neighborhood so that prospective buyers don’t assume they’ll feel out of place in a neighborhood that doesn’t suit them.

Pictures Are Worth 1000 words; Video Are Worth Even More

Since properties with photos get more online views and tend to sell faster, you'll want to get some great photos. And when it comes to luxury properties, it's better to have a high quality set of photos than a high quantity.

Most luxury properties have a larger than average number features you'll want to show off. However, since there is normally a limit to the number of photos you can add to an MLS listing, you'll want to highlight the best features and beauty of a property by hiring a professional real estate photographer.

And since this limit will not be able to showcase the entire property, you will want to consider having a professional virtual or video tour of the property created as well.

Mention additional points of value beyond the ordinary

As mentioned earlier, high-end property buyers generally aren’t persuaded by the typical home selling points like square footage or extra bedrooms. These things are expected, and marketing based on these factors could potentially cheapen a home.

Instead of marketing a home by mentioning the usual points of value, focus on the points of value that aren’t ordinary. High-end building materials, imported kitchen appliances, or a design by a specific architect are all non-conventional selling points.

You sell an economy car by mentioning its gas mileage, the number of seats it has, or how little it costs to operate. You sell a luxury car by mentioning the work that went into creating it and the experience it delivers. Real estate isn’t all that different.

Focus on value beyond the ordinary selling points used to market a home, since you aren’t marketing an ordinary home. High-end buyers have very different priorities, and focusing on these priorities will help you emphasize a property’s strong points.

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