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Postcard Ideas for Realtors: 3 Excuses to Send Direct Mail in April

Apr 3, 2015   •   3 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

April is here. Does your business have any seasonal marketing ideas? While there are fewer holidays in April than there are towards the end of the year, there are still numerous great opportunities to market your business using direct mail.

If your business needs an excuse to send direct mail postcards to its target audience this month, read on for four seasonal and effective marketing ideas to inspire your April marketing campaigns.


Use spring to your advantage

April is when spring really kicks into gear, making it a great month for marketing your business. Take advantage of the changing seasons to market spring cleaning products, home or business services or even real estate.

With the changing weather, many people are considering moving to a new home or investing in property. Use the cold winter weather and coming warmth as a way to draw people’s attention to the value a sunnier home could offer.

If you run a retail business, try offering a spring cleaning sale. There are hundreds of ways to use the change of seasons to your business’s advantage – find the one that’s best suited for your business and make it the focus of your direct mail campaign.


Make the most of Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22nd, and if you offer an eco-friendly product or service, it’s one of the best opportunities to market your business for the entire year. Draw attention to how your product or service can help people minimize their environmental impact.

If you’re a realtor, why not use Earth Day to make people aware of the green homes you have for sale? From solar electricity panels to eco-friendly heating systems and energy efficient daylighting, market properties based on their green benefits.

Earth day is obviously a great opportunity to market alternatives to the traditional home and transportation products. From eco-friendly bicycles to hybrid cars, there are numerous products that you can market to help people cut their carbon output.


Help prepare for tax season

The April 15th tax reporting deadline is looming closer every single day, making the next month a great opportunity to remind people of the importance of filing taxes on time – and the potential penalties of filing an incomplete or late return.

Although the obvious service to market during tax season is accounting, there are a wide range of businesses that can use tax season to their advantage. Remember, this time of year is when people often experience frustration with the cost of taxes.

Money-saving products and services, from affordable real estate to personal finance tools, are perfect for the first half of April. People pay close attention to their money in early April, so take the opportunity to market your cost-reducing product. 

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