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Spring Real Estate Postcards: 3 Reasons to Send Direct Mail in March

Mar 11, 2015   •   3 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

March is a great month for realtors and real estate brokers. With winter nearing its end and the spring just about to begin, people are spending more time considering how a new home could help them better enjoy the outdoors.

From showcasing properties that are suited to the spring and summer weather to marketing to prospective homebuyers that are firmly back into their professional schedule, there are numerous real estate marketing opportunities in March.

Here are three great ideas for marketing your real estate business using direct mail postcards in March. Give one, two or all three a try to reconnect with your sphere of influence and generate fantastic results this month.


Focus on the great spring weather

March is the month in which winter nears its end. Temperatures rise across the country and the snow that has blanketed many towns and cities for the last months melts and slowly disappears.

If your region has a particularly cool winter, make the relative warmth of March – and the coming spring and summer heat – a selling point by promoting properties that offer excellent living in spring and summer.

From large balconies and patio areas that are perfect for dining outside in warmer weather to beautiful yards and gardens, make the most of the landscape and living features that people don’t often get to see in winter.

By highlighting the type of spring and summer lifestyle someone can enjoy in one of the properties you have available, you create a mental picture in the minds of your target audience members and increase their level of interest in buying a new property.


Use winter as a potential selling point

Towards the end of March, temperatures increase and the cold winter weather goes from a day-to-day worry into a distant memory. Talk about the winter weather now, while it’s fresh in people’s minds, to use it as a potential selling point.

During snowy weather, most homeowners often consider whether they would feel more comfortable in another home. Use your real estate postcards to draw people’s attention to properties you have available that are perfect for winter living.

From great insulation to features like hot tubs, saunas and other winter luxuries, the end of winter is a great opportunity to talk about the features one of your properties has available that will make next winter more pleasant.

These features might seem like minor selling points, but they can have a huge effect on your audience. Just like people shop for convertibles in summer, many people are interested in winter-ready properties when the weather is still cool.


Showcase your best properties

By March, most people have settled into the year and gotten back into their normal work routine. As such, March is a great month to highlight and showcase your best properties and appeal to people’s aspirations.

Use your real estate postcards to draw attention to the most desirable properties you have available, from spacious family homes to stylish urban condos. Your finest properties are valuable marketing assets that are sure to gain attention.

After two months back at work, most people spend the third and fourth months of the year thinking about the changes that they can make to improve their lives and feel more comfortable – moving houses is often one of them.

Give your sphere of influence a sample of the properties you have available and the chance of people expressing interest in moving increases, even if it’s not to the exact properties you’ve showcased in your direct mail marketing.

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