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3 Essential Tools for a Realtor Marketing Plan

Jun 30, 2015   •   2 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

How do you set yourself apart from other realtors in your area? Competition is stiff and without samples and history of your work as an expert realtor, it’s difficult to persuade prospects to choose you over another real estate company. Being equipped with a marketing toolkit to show your prospects is the perfect way to prove your expertise and show them how you plan to market and sell their home. Learn the three things you must have in your toolkit to win over prospects and those on the fence.

  1. Show how a custom website showcasing their home will be created. Mention the professional photos that will be used and how the website will help to market the property.
  2. Explain how a targeted direct mail campaign will help to spark people’s interest in the listing and drive traffic to the home’s custom website.
  3. Discuss how with the use of a custom website and targeted direct mail campaign, you are then able to execute a successful open house with professional custom flyers.

The overall goal of presenting your toolkit is to show your prospect or client what you will do for them, and why your service is worthwhile and of value. By presenting your marketing tools and your plan to sell their home, your prospective client will be much more inclined to choose you - over another realtor or over the for sale by owner route.  

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