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Best Practices for Digital Spring Cleaning

Apr 18, 2023   •   4 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

Catch up on digital housekeeping tasks to clean up the spaces you share with your clients and prospects.

Spring is the perfect time to start fresh, whether it's your physical space or your digital one. If you're just starting out or have been in business for years, there are many ways to spring clean your digital presence so it's fresh for the new season! No matter the nature of your business be it a physical shop, real estate or ecommerce your marketing strategies must include a balance of print and digital campaigns. Make sure both are sending potential customers to a website or profile that accurately represents your brand. Taking the time to make sure your messaging, brand image and contact information is up to date can help improve customer satisfaction, increase conversions and make sure everyone has the best experience possible when visiting your website or media profiles.

A great start is to unify your messaging.

Make sure all of your platforms are telling viewers the same thing. For example your "about me" section should have the same key messaging and/or tagline as your bio on instagram, tiktok and any other public placing profile. An effective slogan can help strengthen your brand identity.

One great way to maintain this is using a social scheduling tool which will allow you to post the same content across all platforms at once. You can schedule content ahead of time to free you up to focus on other daily tasks. Another benefit to these tools is you can fill in accessibility alt-text in one space to ensure all of your content can be viewed or heard by all.  

Automating your marketing wherever possible can be incredibly valuable. According to a study by Ruler Analytics: Marketers who use automated tools generate as much as 451% more leads than those who don’t use automation.  

Nothing kills a possible lead faster than inaccurate contact information or dead links!

  • Make sure your phone number, email address and physical address are correct on all platforms 

  • Review the email address you use to sign in to LinkedIn, as well as any other social media accounts associated with your business (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook). This should be one account you check regularly to ensure you don't miss important contacts and updates.

  • Check all links on your website or blog.

  • Make sure they are working and not broken.

  • If they are broken, fix them.

  • If you can't fix them, replace them with new links.

Try using a linking system such as Beacons to ensure all of your contact info is easily accessible on every profile. You will also save valuable time by only having to update one app!

Update your privacy settings on social media accounts.

Perhaps the most important task is updating your privacy settings on social media accounts. If you're not already doing this, make sure to the posts visibility and profiles to public on our business profiles so that anyone can see what you post. Next, lock down your personal profiles. Keeping your personal digital presence private is key in ensuring your brand identity is not affected by your personal identity. Be sure to limit who has access to your profiles and immediately remove former employees, colleagues or agencies once the partnership is terminated. Several recent studies show that 20% of social accounts will be hacked at some point. 

Using two factor authentication and password safe applications where possible can help you keep your accounts secure by allowing you to easily update all of your passwords and edit/remove users as necessary. 

As far as the actual content of posts goes, take the time to consider the following:

Do all of your recent posts reflect who you are currently? Are they clear enough for people who might know who or what your company is yet? If not, consider making some changes. For example, if your last several posts do not clearly show your products or services in the most current may want consider changing direction of your social strategies.


What are you waiting for? Get started now, Happy Spring Cleaning!

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