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Campaign Idea: Pre-sale and Post-sale

Sep 18, 2015   •   3 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

As a real estate professional, one of the most challenging aspects of marketing is showing your target audience that you’re highly competent and trustworthy.

It’s easy to tell people that you’re worth trusting through your marketing message, but far more effective to show people that you’re a good choice by highlighting the successful transactions you’ve been involved in.

One way to show your target audience that you’re worth trusting is by showcasing the entire sales process, from promoting a new listing using real estate direct mail postcards to sending a final direct mail piece indicating the property has sold.

It’s a simple campaign idea that’s amazingly effective. Let’s look at why this type of campaign is so effective and how it can be used to establish yourself as a competent, trustworthy real estate professional in your area.


Doing distinguishes you from competitors that just talk

The best marketing campaigns aren’t built on promises – since they’re all too often broken – but on past achievements.

People trust a car manufacturer like Porsche or Ferrari to build the highest quality machines not because they promise the best features or smartest engineering, but because they have a long history of delivering great work.

Likewise, people trust brands like McDonald’s or Burger Kind to deliver a taste that they recognize not just because their marketing promises to do so, but because they are already familiar with their product.

By doing something – in this case, listing and selling a property – you set yourself apart from other real estate professionals that use their real estate postcards as a way to deliver promises and marketing claims.

Simply put, you become a doer, not a talker. Your success immediately becomes a major part of your identity for your target audience, making you a trusted figure instead of just another marketer.


How to use your sales success as a marketing asset

Turning your success into a marketing campaign can be highly effective. If you’d like to establish yourself as a trusted expert in a particular area, send a real estate direct mail campaign to announce a new property listing to other homes in the area.

The direct goal of the campaign isn’t to sell the property – although, in some cases, it could happen – but to alert people to the fact that you’re a real estate professional in their area with a property for sale.

Once the home has sold, send out a second campaign to inform people that the home has sold. Then, start mailing to the area on a regular basis to develop familiarity and establish yourself as a real estate professional that gets results.

Because you’ve already done something, instead of just talking about how you could do something, people will take your message more seriously. They’ll trust you as an expert instead of viewing your message with skepticism.

At this point, all that’s left to do is follow up with a call to action. List your website’s URL and your phone number, then invite your prospects to contact you. Or, you can use a business-reply card so they can request more information directly.

You’ve already shown them what you can do for someone else. Now it’s time to ask if you can do it for them. 

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