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Write Headlines That Make Prospects Act on Your Offers

May 19, 2015   •   1 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

The headline of your direct mail postcards can be the make it or break it point of the overall success of your campaign. After all, if the introduction doesn’t spark your recipients interest, why should they keep reading? Crafting a clear and powerful headline can dramatically improve the success of your mailers and increase their response rate. Learn a few tips that you can use to create a powerful headline for your next direct mail piece.

The most important benefit of your product or service should be clearly stated in your headline. This will let the recipient know that your mailer is relevant and that they should keep reading. The focus of your headline and over all content should be to offer something that will benefit your customer. If you explicitly tell them how your offer will help make their lives easier, the likelihood of your mailer being successful will increase. You can also utilize some of the words or phrases that can help to engage recipients. Here are some to get you started:

  • Last chance
  • Stop
  • Reduce
  • Breakthrough
  • Guarantee

Consider the many ways you can display your business's value to your recipient for the most effective headline for your postcard campaign.

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