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Direct Mail Marketing 101 for New Realtors: How to Use It

Sep 25, 2015   •   3 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

In the 3rd part of this three-part series on direct mail for new realtors, we looked at the unique benefits of direct mail marketing. In this part, we’ll look at how you can use direct mail postcards to generate leads and sales for your real estate business.


How can you use direct mail marketing effectively?

Like any other marketing channel, direct mail requires a lot more than just simple research in order to be successful. The businesses that benefit the most from direct mail marketing treat it as a science and constantly optimize their campaigns. 

On the surface, the question “How do I use direct mail marketing?” seems very easy to answer: you gather information about the service you can offer, design and print direct mail postcards and deliver them to the widest possible audience… right?

Right, but only if the purpose of your campaign is to be thrown out by recipients as soon as your postcards are viewed. The key to ensuring your campaign is effective can be found in the following points:


Be responsible

Today, marketers don’t just compete for their audience’s attention against a range of other things to do – they also compete against other mail. Since you’re competing for your prospect’s attention against junk mail, it’s important to be responsible.

Responsible means delivering an honest marketing message, writing copy that has a positive impact on your target audience and building a connection with your target audience instead of viewing it simply as an asset to be marketed to.


Be professional

The more professional your direct mail campaign is, the better your target audience will view your business. There are two parts to creating a professional image: using a professional design and writing effective, persuasive copy.

If possible, have your direct mail pieces designed by an experienced professional, as the look and feel of a professional design will help your campaign. At the very least, use a professionally-designed template for your real estate postcards.

Be professional with your copy. Learn some basics of marketing writing to avoid the most common pitfalls. Proofread for spelling and grammar. Avoid using an excessive number of exclamation points. Sell the benefits of your service, not just the features.

Avoid one-sided boasts like “we’re the best” or “we’re number one” and instead focus on telling your target audience why you’re worth listening to. The former is ignored or scoffed at – the latter is listened to and taken seriously.

It only takes one unprofessional mistake – whether it’s an unnecessary boast or bad spelling – to ruin your direct mail campaign. Taking a professional approach to your campaign may cost more in the short term, but it will also help you earn more. 


In conclusion

Dollar for dollar, direct mail is the most effective form of advertising available to any real estate business. On average, direct mail marketing yields $10 in sales for every dollar spent – twice the average return of a television ad.

Whether you need to generate seller leads or want to market your existing range of properties to keen, interested buyers, with the right strategy, direct mail marketing can help your real estate business achieve all of its marketing goals. 

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