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Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents: DIY vs Automation

Mar 20, 2015   •   3 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

Is your direct mail marketing starting to produce a steady stream of leads, inquiries and sales? As the positive effects of your campaign grow, it’s important that you use your time productively to maximize your earnings from direct mail.

As a realtor, your time is valuable. The time that you spend on preparing your monthly mail campaign, including design and postcard printing, could be better spent working with a new prospect or closing a sale.

Let's look at the advantages of automating your real estate direct mail marketing using a service like AutoMail and compare an automated campaign to a DIY direct mail campaign.


DIY direct mail for realtors with a limited budget

If you’re just getting started with direct mail or have a limited budget, carrying out your campaign manually is a good place to start. Running a DIY campaign can help you lower the costs of marketing your business and increase your campaign’s profitability as you build your book of business.

Despite this cost advantage, DIY mailing has numerous downsides. Since you have to manage every aspect of your campaign, the time demands can be great. There’s also the issue of scale – it’s hard to scale your campaign up with just your own efforts.

Most realtors and real estate brokers begin their direct mail marketing efforts with a small, DIY campaign. However, as their marketing begins to produce more and more leads, they use automation to limit the amount of time they spend on marketing while maximizing reach and results.


Using AutoMail to save time and increase productivity

How would your workday change if your business was generating twice as many leads as it is now? When your business is growing rapidly, it’s important that you use your time on the most important tasks to keep productivity high.

Is your time really best spent on managing your direct mail campaign? By using a service like AutoMail, which automates marketing to your sphere of influence, you can spend more of your time focusing on the core components of your business.

Instead of managing printing and distribution of your direct mail postcards, you can spend your time in face-to-face communications, nurturing important business relationships by talking to prospects and developing your business.

In short, you can spend more time working ON your business than working IN your business, increasing the speed and scale at which your monthly revenue and total sales can grow.


Free up time to spend on the parts of life that truly matter

Running a real estate business can be tiring, especially if you take care of every aspect of your business by yourself. By automating your real estate direct mail, it becomes easier for you to avoid working beyond regular work hours frequently.

Instead of spending a late night at the office completing work or preparing for the next day, you can enjoy a greater amount of free time to spend with your friends, family and the other people in your life that truly matter.

Better yet, since you’ll have more free time to spend outside the office, the time you do spend at the office will be more productive and focused, allowing you to achieve more and limit your non-productive work time.

It’s easy to assume that any reduction in costs is a good one, but that simply isn’t the truth in real estate. By automating your real estate direct mail campaign, you’ll have more time to spend growing your business, achieving results, and enjoying your life.

So, why not give AutoMail a try today?

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