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Create a Real Estate Farming Area Using Postcards

Jul 12, 2015   •   3 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

Farming—developing new leads by marketing a specific area over time—can make or break your real estate business. Developing an audience of people that trust and appreciate your business can, if successful, give your business a great flow of leads.

There are several ways to create a farming area for your real estate business. Some of the most common techniques include local advertising, old-fashioned visits, and effective use of direct mail postcards and newsletters. 

All of these strategies have serious advantages for your business when used well, but at a cost: a surprisingly large amount of your time. While farming an area is a great way to generate new business, it’s also a time-consuming process.

Luckily, it’s possible to create a farming area for your real estate business using direct mail marketing automation, and turn yourself into a trusted, authoritative expert without spending most of your time on marketing.


How AutoMail Makes Running Direct Mail Campaigns Simple

AutoMail is one of our automated direct mail marketing systems. It allows you to create and schedule an entire 12 months of direct mail postcards targeted at your prospects in just a few clicks.

This makes it a great tool for creating a farming area. Using AutoMail is simple: the first step is to select your mailing list, either from our available options or by using your existing .CSV target audience list.

Once you’ve uploaded your list or selected one of ours, duplicate entries are stripped out automatically. From here, you can choose the type of content you’d like to deliver to your farming area.

Choose your content—whether it’s educational tips or promotional copy—and pick the card’s style and printing options. From here, delivery is completely automated to make building your farming area a breeze for your business.


How to Establish Yourself as an Expert for Your Farming Area

The key to effective farming is trust. Once your audience is familiar with how you can help them and trusts that you’ll help them achieve a great result, you’ll enjoy consistent, predictable sales leads for your real estate business. 

Start simple and try to educate your audience as to how you can help them. Share useful tips for maximizing a home’s sale price or making a property appealing to buyers before you focus on promoting your services.

People are far more likely to trust a business that helps them first, so use your real estate marketing postcards to share valuable information that makes people view your business as a helper, not as an aggressive promoter.

Then, make consistency part of your marketing. With AutoMail, it’s easy to schedule delivery of your real estate postcards to mail a steady flow of information to your target audience throughout the year.


Are You a Trusted Authority in Your Target Area?

Great marketing takes time, particularly for high-ticket services like real estate. By establishing yourself as an expert and marketing to your target audience over time, you can develop a relationship that none of your competitors can match.

Then, when someone from your farming area needs a realtor to market and sell their property, you’ll be the trusted expert they choose to work with.

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