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How to Freshen a Stale Real Estate Listing With Postcards

Aug 21, 2015   •   3 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

Has your real estate listing gone stale? Over time, a listing that used to get plenty of attention can fall out of sight, resulting in few leads and very little progress towards selling a property.

Luckily, it’s easy to freshen up a stale real estate listing that’s no longer producing leads using real estate postcard marketing. A targeted, carefully written campaign can often be all it takes to renew a listing and start producing buyer leads again.

Using real estate postcards to freshen up and promote a listing isn’t difficult, but it’s important to have a strategy in mind before you begin. Read on to learn three tips to help you get the most out of your real estate direct mail campaign.  


Shoot and showcase new photos and different views

How good are the photos you’re using in your real estate listing? The most effective photos tend to showcase a property at its best by focusing on the features that add the most value to the property.

This often means taking unconventional photos instead of the typical shot-from-the-curb image that’s used to market most homes. If a property has a stunning yard, you might get better results by leading with an image of the home shot from the yard.

If a property has a beautiful swimming pool, leading with a picture of the pool could be more effective than leading with a picture of the living room. An effective photo captures the home at its best – not just the home from a typical angle.

As well as choosing good photos from a professional photographer, it’s important to use recent, up-to-date photos. If you’re marketing a home in summer, make sure you don’t use pictures taken during winter or fall. 


Highlight what buyers want and need in a property

What is your target audience of buyers looking for in a property? People’s needs and wants are often different from what you’d expect, making it important that you keep up to date with the top selling points of your target audience.

Is energy efficiency a major priority in your state? If so, market a property by talking about its energy efficient appliances and green design. Do you live in a dense, urban environment with little green space? Talk about a property’s spacious garden.

It’s impossible to effectively market a property by talking about features, benefits and selling points people don’t care about. Study your market to understand what selling points it values the most, then make them the center of your campaign.


Try reworking your copy to better market the home

Sometimes, even the best listings fail to make an impact. Properties can fail to sell for a variety of reasons – they were listed at the wrong time, the original campaign didn’t reach the right people or recipients just didn’t respond.

A great way to refresh your campaign is to take a different approach to marketing the property. Rework your copy to focus on new aspects of the property that may not have been adequately talked about before and you may attract new attention.

Just like changing the photos on a real estate postcard can spark the interest of an audience that may not have paid attention before, reworking your copy can engage people that may have previously passed over your listing. 

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