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How to Automate your Direct Mail & Facebook Advertising Campaigns

May 22, 2015   •   4 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

[Updated: 6/14/2016]

Over the last 10 years, there’s been a lot of hype around the “newest marketing trends” or the new “must-have marketing tools” that can help make your real estate brand more successful. Some of these new methods are successful—and actually work—such as Facebook advertising. However, more often than not, the newest marketing tools end up merely as trendy solutions that quickly burn out in efficacy. So, how do you market your business effectively to see continued results without constantly changing and re-evaluating your marketing strategy?

We’ve been in the real estate marketing industry for over 30 years and direct mail has remained the tried and true form of marketing that performs extremely well in the real estate realm. Better still, it's possible to launch multi-channel marketing campaigns with offline campaigns to bolster online efforts. Up until now, this has been incredibly difficult for agents and brokers to plan and manage. 

We simplified the process…to an extreme. TriggerMarketing and TriggerMarketing Social take the reliable performance of direct mail marketing a step further by incorporating responsive designs, prospect-targeting and order automation with social media advertising campaigns to make your listings, and your brand, stand out among the others. Both services are designed to work together, with each channel directing interested prospects to a single mobile-friendly landing page designed to capture and send leads to you in real-time.

Automated marketing to make life easier

Life as a real estate professional is hectic and active, so task automation is incredibly important to facilitate the growth of your business. After all, your time is the scarcest resource you have. That’s why we created TriggerMarketing—to help alleviate some of the small, repetitive yet important marketing tasks involved with just listed or sold property campaigns. By utilizing our real estate marketing services, you will have more time to nurture leads, serve customers or network for referrals.

As soon as a new property hits the listing service, personalized mail-ready postcards—featuring interactive response elements—are automatically designed in the background, waiting for you to give the O.K. to be sent out. One click from your email launches a marketing campaign for your newest property, sending high-quality custom postcards to your farming list and/or the surrounding properties. As recipients respond to your cards, you'll receive warm or hot leads straight to your email inbox in real-time.

Social media marketing, simplified

Social media was once generally regarded as an optional marketing strategy—an afterthought, often derided as a passing fad. Now, social media has become a vital component of the real estate professional's toolkit, boosting lead-generation and brand awareness, especially when paired with direct mail campaigns.

It can be quite time-consuming to post and share your listings with fans, friends, and followers on your social media pages. If you read the FitSmallBusiness guide to Facebook advertising, you'll see it can get really complex really quickly. That's why we've designed TriggerMarketing and TriggerMarketing Social to create these posts automatically, using the details and photos provided by the listing service.

The two social media options are:

  1. Free Posting. Every TriggerMarketing campaign includes the capability to freely post your just listed or sold property to both Facebook and Twitter. Posts are a good option for agents on a tight budget or just getting started.
  2. 3-Day Lead Generation Campaign. For those looking to get the best ROI from social platforms, this is the way to go. We create, manage, and optimize who we show your just listed and sold advertisements to so you get as many pertinent leads as possible. Head over to TriggerMarketing Social to learn more and to see the impressive results our users are experiencing.

Pack a punch in your next campaign

Integrating both direct mail and social media yields significantly higher results than either method alone. By incorporating the two, you’re more likely to get the kind of performance and results you’re looking for.

Automated direct mail coupled with integrated social media marketing will give you the kind of long-lasting results you need to be a successful real estate professional. With TriggerMarketing, this doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task, but a frequent and convenient way to revisit past customers and generate new leads.

Get started using TriggerMarketing or TriggerMarketing Social, today!

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