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Make it Memorable

Jul 28, 2015   •   1 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

The greater the quality and creativity of your next direct mail postcard, the longer its shelf life. Truly great ads are rarely products of their time – they’re more often timeless pieces that will look just as good tomorrow as they did today.

Make your next postcard, flyer, or brochure stand out from the crowd and it’s more likely to end up on a bulletin board, cubicle door, or refrigerator than the bottom of the recycling bin.

This is what you want: to create real estate direct mail postcards that break the mold and stay in your target audience’s mind not for a minute or two, but for several days, weeks, or months because of their memorability.

How can you make your postcards more memorable? Start with a fantastic design that truly stands out. Craft and refine your message until it says everything it needs to without being too wordy or complicated.

Have your materials designed by a talented professional, or at the very least use a professionally-designed template. Use full-color as much as possible and choose a high-grade card stock that sets your postcards apart from the others.

Few people will remember something unremarkable. Make your next real estate postcards so good it’s impossible for recipients to forget them and they’ll stick around far longer than the rest.

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