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Make a [Direct Mail] List & Check it Twice

Jul 7, 2015   •   1 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

A good list is much more than just a path to your market – it is your market. If you’re mailing to an in-house list, such as a database of your customers, make sure it’s 100 percent current and up to date. 

Every outdated entry in your mailing list is a wasted opportunity and wasted money that could be better spent reaching out to a real prospect. Whether you’re sending a catalog or just listed postcards, your message should always reach a real recipient. 

It’s not just outdated entries you need to be worried about – you also need to check that your list is relevant to your audience. Try experimenting with segmented lists, each of which contains a certain category of customer, to enhance your results. 

You can also experiment with custom targeting based on someone’s annual income, zip code and other interesting options like car ownership. These seemingly minor list targeting tweaks can make or break your campaign surprisingly often.

If you use an address database from a company like QuantumDigital, all list issues are taken care of for you, leaving you free to focus on optimizing your real estate direct mail campaign or running your business.

That’s one less thing to worry about for you, and one more easy way to make sure your postcards hit the mark. 

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