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MapMail®: Real Estate Direct Mail Solutions

Jun 19, 2015   •   3 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

Are you looking for targeted direct mail solutions to market your just sold or listed properties? Direct mail postcards can help to start and accelerate interest in the buying process and get prospects motivated to act on your offer, that is, if the mailer is relevant and interesting to them.

Sending postcards to people who are actively interested looking to purchase or sell a home is a great idea, but sending your direct mail to those who live near your listings also has many benefits that you can harness to generate more leads and in the long run, close more deals.

MapMail allows you to send targeted direct mail to a defined area so that you can target the neighbors of your listings, and potentially get people who have never considered selling or purchasing a new home to begin considering it.

Learn how you can reduce waste, increase response, and generate more leads with MapMail.


How to use MapMail

After designing and proofing your custom postcard design, you will need to determine who your postcards will be mailed to.

To use MapMail, select “consumer list,” shown below, and and select MapMail. This will allow you to customize your mailing area and pick and choose which homes will receive your mailer based on demographic criteria. Choose the specific demographic criteria that best suits your property listing and ideal recipient.

For this example, we have selected criteria that will generate addresses of “Home Owners Only” in the area and have selected the “map a mailing radius around a central location” option. This means MapMail will generate addresses based on the radius defined, and contain only those who own a home.

How to Use MapMail: Real Estate Direct Mail Solutions

Adjust the radius to display more or fewer homes and use the max quantity field to narrow down your results based on your marketing budget and goals. Note that you’ll need at least 20 addresses to more forward and complete your order. Below the map, save your search criteria by giving it a name and selecting save. This feature will keep your list of addresses stored to use again for a subsequent mailer and allow you to move to the next step in ordering your custom postcards.


Optimizing the generated list and completing your order

Once you’ve designated and selected your demographic criteria, radius, and created your list, MapMail will ensure that there are no duplicate addresses in your list. This added step in the MapMail feature makes sure none of your marketing budget is wasted on mailing duplicate postcards to the same address.

After MapMail processes your list selections and ensures there are no duplicates, you can customize some of the features of your custom postcards. Customize your order with options such as paper stock, scheduling for future mailings, priority mailing options, and UV gloss coating. Once you have selected all of the desired features, you’re ready to complete and purchase your order.


Why you should use MapMail

MapMail allows you to send custom postcards to a highly targeted list of households in the areas you serve, helping you to generate leads, increase engagement, and boost your return on investment.

Without much research or time spent, you’re able to define a set of potential buyers or sellers within a particular area and deliver direct mail that is relevant and timely. This will not only help to generate leads and get people thinking about selling or buying a home, but it also reinforces your real estate brand and helps keep you top of mind within your farming area.   

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