Blog / Marketing Tips: 1 Thing to Include on Your Real Estate Postcard

Marketing Tips: 1 Thing to Include on Your Real Estate Postcard

Apr 14, 2015   •   2 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

In previous blog posts we’ve covered how to create your direct mail postcards and what kind of content you should include. Information such as a catchy headline, the property's street address, and features that make the home special, are all important pieces of information that should always be included in your postcard. However, there’s another element that many realtors do not include that can help to coax your prospects into acting on your offer. Read on to discover the one element you must include in your direct mail postcards.

Realtors don't always include the price of a home in their real estate postcards and this can be detrimental to their ROI for many reasons. Primarily, it creates extra work for the prospect and can deter them from taking action because they were not initially provided with enough information. Some realtors believe not including the listing’s price helps to create interest and will encourage prospects to call to learn more, but that’s not always the case. These days, consumers are more informed than ever which gives them more control to learn about products and services and make decisions based on their research. Failing to provide your direct mail recipients with the price of your listing can cause frustration and stifle their interest. Instead, give your prospects key information about your listing, including the price, making them feel more in control which can help to accelerate and solidify the sale.


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