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Direct Marketing Strategy: Supercharge Your Postcard Campaigns

Mar 24, 2015   •   1 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

We’ve all been there. You came up with a marketing campaign that you were sure would produce a great return on investment and it ends up being a flop. Whether it is a major or minor investment, all marketing campaigns have room for improvement. As a small business owner, your dollars spent on marketing efforts are precious and need to be spent wisely. Testing your postcard campaign is the best way to ensure your messaging is effective and producing great results.

The most common form of campaign testing is referred to as A/B testing. A/B testing allows you to analyze your current marketing efforts and compare them with a variation of your campaign to see which performs better. From media mix, to messaging, to design, these elements can be tested to ensure they are working effectively and cohesively to produce your desired results. For your next postcard campaign, change only one element of your postcard, such as the call to action, to see which version performs better. By testing only one element of your postcard at a time you can narrow down what resonates best with your prospects.

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