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Tips for Choosing Your Farming Area

Aug 25, 2015   •   2 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

How valuable is your farm? The recipe for marketing success is simple: identify your target market, then mail to it on a consistent basis in order to develop trust, build an audience and create relationships with your best clients.

Marketers often refer to this as seeding and growing a farm. It’s a great analogy that touches on one of the most important aspects of growing a farm (whether it’s real or figurative): maintenance.

Real estate postcards are an “old school” lead generation method, but they’re still an amazingly effective way to generate business when used well.

Choosing your farm area requires market research. If you want to target first-time buyers, you’ll find very few in a luxury home community. If you want to sell luxury homes, you’ll get poor results farming in an inexpensive part of town.

An important part of farming that many agents don’t consider is competition. The more agents there are in any one area, the weaker your personal connection with your target audience becomes.

As such, it’s best to avoid communities where another agent has already established a presence. The idea is that you should become the dominant real estate specialist in one area – that your name is synonymous with real estate in that community.

Now that you know where and who to target, where should you seed and grow your farm?

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