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Using Social Media for Real Estate: How to Build Your Mailing List

Feb 23, 2015   •   3 min read   •   Real Estate

[Updated: 6/13/2016]


What’s all the fuss about social media and real estate?


For starters, there are many ways social media platforms can help you acquire new leads, referrals, and contacts without spending a dime. So, building your mailing list doesn't have to cost a lot if you utilize social media to gather new contacts for your mailing list. Doesn’t that sound appealing?


Recap: Social media can help you grow your sphere of Influence (SOI) while spending little to no money. That should sound appealing to anyone in real estate hoping to grow their business.


More people use social media now than ever, and incorporating it into your direct marketing strategy can yield great results if done correctly. Here are a few tips on how to boost your social media presence and use it to acquire new prospects, clients, and contacts in the process.

  1. If you haven't already, create a business page for your real estate services
  2. Invite friends, family, and colleagues to "like" your page. (This might seem like a small, insignificant task, but it is the first step when marketing yourself and increasing your credibility in the social media realm.)
  3. Use email or SMS to invite former clients to follow you on social media and share information that would be of interest or benefit to them. (Since 88% of business in real estate comes from referrals, it's vital to keep a genuine point of contact with former clients.)
  4. Create or curate content with home maintenance schedules, selling tips or fun local events. (Remember, 80% of what you post and share on social media should not be about you or your business.)
  5. Use social media to share new listings and/or recap your most recent sales. (This is a great tool for gaining referrals and staying "top of mind" with your contacts to let them know you’re still working and getting results.)
  6. Thank followers for sharing your posts and ask/answer questions as they come up.
  7. Graciously ask your engaged followers to share your contact information with their friends or family who may be interested in buying/selling in the future. (If you get any contacts this way, be sure to thank whoever referred you with a thank you card, gift card, or something special. They’ll be pleasantly surprised and become your brand champions!)
  8. Include your contact information and personal website URL in social media posts, and occasionally encourage fans to sign up for your mailing list. (Have a splash page ready for people to sign up!)


Use these tips to start growing your social media following. As your following grows, so will your organic reach within your real estate market. Things really get interesting after you’ve built a small following and you begin investing dollar resources in boosting your posts or creating advertisements.


Facebook has introduced the ability to gather lead information from advertisements. We’ve seen some amazing results from these types of ad campaigns.

When you feel ready to take your social media marketing to the next level with Facebook Lead ads, jump over to our TriggerMarketing Social page where we make placing a 3-day campaign extremely simple and fast.

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