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What Are the Most Used Real Estate Marketing Tools?

They might surprise you

Of all the real estate marketing tools out there, which are used the most frequently?

New research from the 2015 REAL Trends Online Performance Study shows that the most used real estate marketing tools probably aren’t what you think they are.

There’s also an interesting difference in the usage rate of certain tools between real estate agents and real estate brokerages that some marketers might be surprised by. 


Top Marketing Tools: Brokers

For brokerages, email is in first place with 96% usage. Interestingly, business cards are second, used by 94% of brokers. Direct mail farming and just listed or just sold flyers, postcards and other materials are used by 87% of brokers.


Top Marketing Tools: Agents

In comparison, just 60% of real estate agents use business cards as marketing tools, with 52% using direct mail farming and just listed/just sold materials. 53% of real estate agents use newspaper and/or magazine marketing.


One of the most effective ways to improve your own real estate marketing results is to study what others are doing. As a broker or real estate agent, do you make use of the most used real estate marketing tools?

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