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For Real Estate Lead Generation, Postcard Design is Key

May 15, 2015   •   3 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

TriggerMarketing makes automating your real estate direct mail campaigns quick and simple. Whenever you add a new property to your database, custom postcards are automatically printed and mailed to prospects in the area.

With TriggerMarketing lead automation, it becomes significantly easier – and much less hands on – to market new properties as they come onto the market. Tools like QR codes and personalized URLs make it easy for you to track prospects as they respond.

Since TriggerMarketing postcards are created based on your listings, the images in TriggerMarketing cards can be quite small. Read on to learn more about how your real estate postcards are designed and formatted in a TriggerMarketing campaign.


Designed as an action-focused teaser

TriggerMarketing postcards are designed to encourage recipients to take action and research the latest properties you’ve listed. As such, they’re made to direct users to your website via a custom URL or QR code.

The more information you provide on your postcard, the less reason there is for the recipients of your campaign to learn more online. Think of a TriggerMarketing card as a “teaser” that’s designed to direct recipients to your website.

TriggerMarketing real estate postcards include two useful features that make them perfect for inspiring recipients to take action: a scannable QR code and a special URL that you can use to track your campaign’s response rate.


Smaller photos mean more information

In every direct mail postcard, there’s a balance between text and visual information that needs to be reached. Large images mean that it’s difficult to include the valuable information about your listing that encourages prospects to take action.

Since TriggerMarketing postcards act as a teaser for prospects, they’re designed to include a short but useful summary of the property that increases interest and gets prospects to navigate to your website for more information.

A great combination of text and images is often all it takes to increase a prospect’s curiosity. All of our TriggerMarketing postcards are designed from the ground up for the highest response rate and optimal return on investment.


All file sizes and types look professional and clean

TriggerMarketing postcards aren’t just designed for action – they’re also designed for optimal compatibility. The design of our TriggerMarketing postcards means that all major image file types and sizes look clean and professional when printed.

From around-the-house shots to photographs of a property’s exterior, the design of TriggerMarketing real estate postcards makes your photography look clean, visible and professional.

This means your campaign will receive the highest possible response rate from its audience. Clean and professional photos increase your target audience’s interest in a property, encouraging them to follow up and take action.


Could your business benefit from TriggerMarketing?

TriggerMarketing is a fantastic tool for realtors and real estate brokers that makes marketing your sold and just-listed properties simple. Since cards are automatically printed, there’s no time wasted on your side launching each marketing campaign.


If you’d like your new listings to get more traction and attract more interest in your target market, give TriggerMarketing a try

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