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Superior Marketing: The Advantage of Direct Mail Advertising

Jun 16, 2015   •   1 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

Buying or selling a home can be a major life event for first time or even seasoned home buyers and sellers. Due to the long sales cycle and the cost involved in purchasing or selling a home, a lot of thought goes into how to list or find a property and what steps are needed to successfully close the sale.

As a realtor, you may wonder which channel is best suited to market to these serious and very warm leads to encourage them to choose you and your real estate services. Learn why direct mail is the superior marketing channel when targeting warm and motivated buyers and sellers.

Home buying and selling are purchases your prospects take very seriously and to showcase your expertise in the real estate industry, you need a marketing channel that conveys your seriousness about buying or selling their home. Printed marketing, and specifically direct mail, is perfect for conveying information about a large purchase or an item that has a long sales cycle, like a home. According to Target Marketing, print outperforms other channels when the marketing campaign goal is long-term memory and action. This means that direct mail is more effective than email at delivering important information about a product that requires thought and consideration and is more likely to convert warm leads into actionable clients.

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