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Why Targeting and Frequency Are More Important Than Reach

Aug 11, 2015   •   2 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

When you’re selling high-ticket items like property, the strength of your relationship with prospects is more important than the total number of prospects your message reaches.

In short, frequency is more important than reach. Targeting, too.

How many of your prospects contact you asking you to sell their home on the first mailing? For most real estate agents and brokers, it takes time to develop the trust that’s required before prospects reach out to you with new business.

When you send your real estate postcards to tens of thousands of people without a follow-up, you’ll rarely build trust.

On the other hand, if you mail an audience that’s one tenth as big ten times as often, you’ll build a connection and earn their trust.

Of these two options, which do you think results in more business? Smart real estate direct mail marketing is about building your audience with frequent, highly targeted mailings.

Targeting, by the way, matters immensely. No matter how frequently you contact a prospect, there’s a zero percent they’ll list their home with your agency if they rent it from a landlord.

By carefully targeting the people most likely to respond to your message, you can build a great business relationship over the course of five, 10 or 20 different real estate postcards. 

The stronger this relationship gets, the more likely they are to pick up their phone and call you when it’s time to list their home. 

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