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The Importance of Reinforcing Your Brand Promise in Real Estate Marketing

Mar 15, 2018   •   4 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

Marketing as a discipline has continued to increase in complexity -- with a myriad of both digital and offline channels, it takes a multitude of touches to make a sale. Consistent communication is the key to converting a casual consumer into a viable sales lead, and it begins with clearly emphasizing your brand promise with consideration for both the messaging used in communications and the frequency of communication. When combined effectively, the two create a meaningful, clear brand that has long-term staying power in the minds of both prospects and current clients.



Multiple channels give you multiple chances to make an impression with your leads – so make sure those impressions are reflective of your brand and are consistent throughout. As an agent, you probably have a certain “style” or way that you build a relationship with leads in order to close a sale. This style, the experience that clients have with you, is your personal brand. More than a logo or slogan, your personal brand is reflective of the way you do business and the promise you offer to clients.

Perhaps your “style” is to always be ten minutes early to client meetings. Or it’s to always follow up with listings six months after their house has been sold to check in and see how they’re doing. Whatever it is, the culmination of these characteristics is what makes up your brand and your brand promise: what people can come to expect from you if they do business with you or refer a friend to you.

By this token, your personal brand should be reflected in your marketing efforts as an extension of your in-person brand promise. Communicate this promise through the words you choose and the way that you present yourself across multiple channels.

As an example, if you’re an agent that was born and raised in the area where you currently operate your business, that fact is likely a part of your brand – your brand promise is that you know the area and will provide clients with knowledgeable, honest service, and your marketing message should reflect that. When sending direct mail postcards to a neighborhood, play up your local expertise, and do the same on social media and in your email newsletter. Consistently communicating your brand promise across all channels will build trust between yourself and your prospects.



Consistent communication is crucial for brand recognition. If a Facebook account, Twitter handle or direct mail piece has your name and logo on it, you should be regularly communicating with your audience via those channels. If you’ve ever created a social media account, kept it up for a few months, and then dropped off (and the account is still online…) you should either delete the account or start regularly updating it again. As a real estate agent, part of your brand promise is likely about follow-through – regular contact with clients to ensure they are satisfied. Don’t allow mistrust or confusion to build in the minds of your audience because of infrequent communications.

Regular outreach builds a relationship with prospects, who will begin to recognize your face and, over time, remember you should they need guidance in the home buying or selling process. One tried-and-true way that agents have traditionally marketed themselves to prospects is through direct mail. And while some may assume that direct mail is no longer relevant with the influx of digital media, that’s simply not the case – if anything, mail is even more memorable and engaging in a world of increased online noise.

Like any other marketing method, if you’re using direct mail, it should be consistent. A direct mail strategy likely won’t resonate with prospects if only one postcard is sent with no follow-up, but it can be difficult to make time for all of the steps required to build a direct mail campaign – from designing your card to choosing a mailing list to managing shipping. That’s why we’ve created AutoMail Plus – you can schedule a year’s worth of mailings in a matter of minutes, and easily set up an entire campaign to reach targeted prospects with our streamlined order process. You can schedule campaigns to be delivered to leads throughout the year, cultivating relationships and building brand consistency.

No matter the channel(s) you choose, keeping both the messages that encompass your brand promise and the frequency of communication consistent will establish your brand or agency as reliable and trustworthy – crucial characteristics for the sales process and a long-standing, fruitful relationship.

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