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Using Direct Mail Postcard Printing to Promote Your Daycare

Nov 15, 2014   •   2 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

Day care facilities face a rather unique set of circumstances when it comes to marketing themselves to prospective clients. Like any business, they need to present themselves in a positive light, in a way which appeals to the needs of customers. However there are also extra challenges which have to be overcome if the center is to succeed.

Because day care centers are childcare facilities, parents need to truly believe that the center and the staff can be trusted with their precious children. The ability to build a personal relationship with the staff members at the center is a vital part of this trust, and so personalizing the marketing approach can be particularly effective. Using direct mail, each postcard promoting the day care center can be individualized to a particular family. Not only can the card include their name and address, it can even include a personalized map showing the route from their home to the center in question. This is a useful way to break down the barriers that parents may hold, because it shows the center to be thoughtful, adaptable, and helpful.

Because day care centers exist in specific neighborhood locations, they need the ability to target their marketing to prospective clients who live nearby. Using a combination of direct mail and custom homeowner lists to achieve this kind of demographic targeting will help the center to reduce the costs of their postcard marketing campaign because the cards will only be sent to suitable, pre-identified prospects, rather than as a blanket mailer out to anybody and everybody. The personalization on the cards will impress parents who are concerned that their children are entrusted to the best of facilities, and the individualized maps demonstrate at a glance how easily accessible the center is.

For day care centers, direct mail marketing is a viable and effective strategy for promoting their business, boosting their reputation, and gaining new clients. It is an approach which should be seriously considered when such organizations are looking to increase their client numbers and grow their  residual revenue.

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