7 Tips for Awesome Direct Mail Copy That Sells

By: brianna_mckinney
  • September 14, 2015

 Huffington Post Business

Companies are seeing impressive results from direct mail.

Carefully crafted copy can be the key to many things, from product descriptions that are subject to seriously healthy conversion rates, through to websites that engage the reader and lead them seamlessly over onto a contact form or online purchase.

However, writing effective copy is somewhat of an underappreciated art form, particularly within the ever evolving and always changing realm of direct mail, with many novices attempting the feat only to find the ever growing copywriting industry to be understandably in-demand.

So, here's a look at the specific realm of writing great copy for Direct Mail, which is an area of marketing that is seeing a particularly impressive resurgence.

1. First and foremost: Understand that customers are ready and willing to buy - Companies are seeing impressive results from direct mail, with 92% of receivers being driven online towards a digital activity, and 86% reportedly feeling 'connected' to the business sender. So first it is important to appreciate that there are indeed opportunities out there to boost your bottom line. You just have to get your strategy right, for which your copy is central.

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