Direct Mail Design 'Must Make an Impact'

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  • June 20, 2011

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When marketers use a targeted mailing list and direct mail campaigns to spread the word about new products and services, best-practice design calls for mailers that makes an impact.

Writing for Business 2 Community, Cynthia Fedor, senior copywriter at QuantumDigital, said that receiving direct mail messages was "just like reading a newspaper".


"If the headline is strong and thought provoking, the higher the likelihood that it will capture the attention of the target audience," she explained.

Ms Fedor also emphasised the importance of "bold imagery" in capturing the reader's attention and, just like in the newspaper, evoking an emotional response that makes them more likely to part with some cash.

The expert urged marketers to choose bold colours and strong images that speak to "core motivations" and drive recipients towards the desired action.

Meanwhile, Phil Kingsland, site director of, has called on small business owners to invest in their web presence – perhaps with email campaigns supported by B2B data.

His advice followed research by the website, which found that UK businesses were generating online revenues of more than £36 billion each year.


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