QuantumDigital Announces Integrated Partnership with PrintSf.com

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  • July 28, 2009

AUSTIN, TX — July 27, 2009 — QuantumDigital, Inc.—the complete online service provider for direct mail, on-demand digital printing and eMarketing solutions—today announced an expanded partnership with PrintSf.com, the leading AppExchange  provider of print and mail solutions for Salesforce.com. Salesforce.com is the industry leader in sales and customer relationship management software, with over 57,000 customers and one million users.  PrintSf.com delivers personalized direct mail campaigns, digital collateral management and print-on-demand as a seamless extension of users' CRM data and workflow.

QuantumDigital, Inc., already known for its advanced variable data print and direct mail campaign management services, is now a fully integrated fulfillment and technology partner for the PrintSf.com solution. This partnership now provides all Salesforce.com users opportunities to strategically engage with prospects and existing customers in order to develop relationships and win more business.  Through the PrintSf.com module supported by QuantumDigital, Salesforce.com users can quickly execute personalized multi-touch campaigns, target prospects with pinpoint precision and even calculate return on investment on marketing efforts.

According to CEO and founder, Mark Cira, PrintSf.com's partnership with QuantumDigital helps Salesforce customers in two primary ways:

“First, Salesforce.com users can conveniently leverage their CRM investment into high-response, direct mail campaigns personalized on demand with their Salesforce data. Higher response and easier execution helps marketing generate more leads with less cost. Second, by moving all their brochures, case studies and other print collateral into our digital, on-demand work flow, Salesforce customers can slash marketing waste and cost, better support sales channels, and promote a greener, eco-friendly marketing process.

Eric Cosway, EVP & CMO of QuantumDigital, highlights the benefits of integrating targeted direct marketing with existing Salesforce.com capabilities:

“The partnership opens up new pathways for Salesforce.com users to take advantage of proven one-to-one personalized communication techniques in their sales and follow-up programs. We know that one-to-one, tailored direct marketing is the solution to increase response rates and spend less advertising dollars.”

For more information about this exciting Salesforce.com plug-in or to enable it in Salesforce immediately, visit the Saleforce.com AppExchange.

About QuantumDigital, Inc.

QuantumDigital, Inc. is the complete online service provider for direct mail, on-demand digital printing and eMarketing solutions.  Founded in 1986 in Austin, Texas, QuantumDigital has pioneered several advances in the industry including on-demand personalized printing and a 24-hour turnaround on mailed or printed pieces.  Businesses of all sizes with direct marketing needs can trust the high-quality products and services, competitive pricing and fast turnaround speeds that QuantumDigital’s proven technology offers.  For additional information on QuantumDigital, please visit quantumdigital.com.

About PrintSf.com

PrintSf.com is a 12-year print marketing veteran reinvented to serve Salesforce.com customers in their on-demand world. PrintSf.com delivers a suite of web applications, professional services, and printable products, backed by optional fulfillment on-demand. Seamless to Salesforce.com workflow & data, our platform streamlines publishing, sharing, personalization and fulfillment of collateral and direct marketing, both in print and online. PrintSf.com’s mission is to transform the relevance of Salesforce.com data into more compelling communications. For additional information on PrintSf.com, please visit www.PrintSf.com.

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