QuantumDigital, Inc. Uncovers New Real Estate Marketing Trends and Strategies

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  • February 26, 2010

Austin, Texas (February 26, 2010) – QuantumDigital, Inc., the complete online service provider of digital print, direct mail, email marketing and multi-channel marketing, today released the results from its 2009 real estate industry market research study. The results include insights into the current and anticipated marketing behaviors of real estate agents, brokers and corporate level executives.

“We had three main objectives in putting together the 2009 survey,” said Eric Cosway, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, QuantumDigital. “Building on what we learned in our 2008 survey, we wanted to gain an understanding of how real estate professionals are changing their marketing mix based on current market conditions, how different real estate groups market themselves and where additional needs lie, and how professionals at different experience and income levels spend their marketing budget for optimal results.”

Nearly 2,800 real estate professionals shared their experiences and plans with QuantumDigital through a third party market research company; 32 percent brokers, 49 percent agents and 19 percent corporate level executives.

Top three key learnings in 2009:

  • In 2009, the four real estate marketing channels used were email, website marketing, direct mail and print (newspaper).
  • Real estate professionals spend an average of 10% of their gross commissionable income (GCI) on marketing efforts.
  • Sphere of influence/networking was the best way to garner new business.

Top three predictions for 2010:

  • 42 percent expect to earn under $50K in 2010. 32 percent expect to earn $50 - $100K. 19 percent expect to earn over $100K GCI.
  • 49 percent still agree that 10 percent of their GCI should be spent on marketing efforts in 2010.
  • However, given the reality of the economic environment, 65 percent plan to reduce marketing efforts in 2010.

The remainder of the results, including social media usage and predictions, most popular listing websites and top real estate blogs, are available for download here.

About QuantumDigital

QuantumDigital, Inc. is the leader in digital print, providing direct mail, email marketing and multi-channel marketing, including mobile, to real estate brokers and agents, advertising and marketing agencies and large enterprise organizations through a client-branded web interface. With claims as the number one Xerox customer in the United States and first all digital Xerox iGen3™ printer to achieve G7® Master qualification, QuantumDigital solves a common problem for print buyers: getting consistent color quality regardless of the technology, printer or location.

Guaranteeing next business day turnaround on all orders, QuantumDigital’s all inclusive service for mailings allows personalized and targeted messages to be sent using variable data print technology to one or thousands of recipients at a time. QuantumDigital's technology allows for personalized, automated customer and prospect direct marketing campaigns that can easily be integrated with existing databases and CRM systems for a streamlined solution. Their national residential database is accessible online and allows users to identify demographics within specific geographic areas in order to create tailored, personalized mailings. QuantumDigital also provides direct mail and email programs that trigger automatic communications based on a campaign schedule, and reporting analytics from data maintained by a proprietary database.

With a commitment to delivering outstanding service, QuantumDigital advocates standards for responsible marketing and provides cutting-edge research and education to help improve results throughout the direct marketing process.  Providing greater flexibility and enterprise control, QuantumDigital clients can ensure that the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time.

Founded in 1986, QuantumDigital is based in Austin, Texas and provides its products and services to clients in the United States and Canada. Visit QuantumDigital at www.quantumdigital.com.

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