TriggerMarketing® Featured in Real Trends

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  • July 2, 2014

QuantumDigital's TriggerMarketing program was featured in REAL Trends Tech Touch July 1, 2014: Innovative New Technology Companies. The entire post can be found on REAL Trends' website here.

For inofrmation about TriggerMarketing or to set up the program for your brokerage, please call us at 800-637-7373.

Written by Travis Saxton, REAL Trends manager of technology and marketing

Recently, I toured QuantumDigital’s operation in Austin. I left completely wowed with the advancements and envelopes being pushed by this forward-thinking organization.

The TriggerMarketing program they offer takes offline postcard marketing to a whole new accountable, customizable, high-tech level. The program offers a direct data feed that recognizes when an agent has a new listing or recently sold property.

The magic happens in the process when the agent is notified instantly via email that his or her postcards are ready to go, then it asks if the agent would like them sent.

Since Quantum is already integrated with the MLS and nationwide address database, the agent can simply say yes.

Then, based on the agent’s default settings, a certain number (commonly 100) of agent-branded postcards will blanket the addresses nearby the just listed or just sold property.

Instant marketing doesn’t get any easier than this. The best part is that advancements such as 2D barcodes, short texting codes and short URLs are completely trackable, taking offline marketing and blending it with new-age CRM smart marketing.

It’s so simple that we don't understand why more agents don't do this!

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