Where Analog Beats Digital

By: support
  • September 6, 2011

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By Steve McKee.

I recently toured Austin-based QuantumDigital, a company that integrates digital technologies with direct mail, print, online and mobile to optimize consumer response. The operation is impressive and filled with the the quiet purr of the latest high-tech, digital printing, routing and shipping machines. 

What I found most impressive during the tour, however, was the reception desk. Eric Cosway, EVP/CMO (and our tour guide), introduced us to a charming lady named Dee. Eric proudly announced that when you call QuantumDigital you will always speak with a real person. 


I applaud the decision by a company with digital DNA to recognize when an analog solution is still best. Too many organizations these days are enamored with the efficiency and cost savings of an "interactive telephony system", otherwise known as a telephone tree. Those of us on the other end know that what it really represents is a way to transfer costs and inefficiencies to us as we climb a tree trying to navigate the frustrating thing. 

"Telephony" is a fitting word for such a system, given the last two syllables. Cheers to QuantumDigital and every other company that puts people first. 

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