QuantumDigital’s AutoMail Plus Puts the Tech in Postcard Campaigns

By: brianna_mckinney
  • March 7, 2016
Inman reviews QuantumDigital's AutoMail Plus


Authored by Craig Rowe

I believe in direct mail. Always have.

The message needs to be right and it needs to be consistent.

I worked for years for an investment property firm that owns a major marketing service agreement’s (MSA) owner-operator multifamily market with just direct mail. The owner’s been sending it for 25 years.

QuantumDigital’s AutoMail Plus enables users to schedule a year’s worth of monthly postcards. Each card is printed with a URL to an associated landing page consisting of a market report.

The website is branded, looks good and has the right information and calls to action. There’s also a home value estimator. 

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