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10 Real Estate Postcard Marketing Ideas That Add Value

Mar 13, 2020   •   5 min read   •   Marketing Ideas

As winter comes to a close, so does the lull in the residential real estate market. Spring is the perfect time to invest energy into your postcard marketing strategy and add value to your direct mail campaigns as folks prepare to move during the summer. There are plenty of ways to seize the opportunity to sell in your targeted neighborhoods through direct mail, and we’ve selected the 10 that add the most value to inspire your next campaign.

1. Use personalization to show you care

Studies show that nearly 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers a personalized experience. Develop a personal connection with prospective sellers by sending them mail that targets their interests and attributes. You can do this by conducting thorough research into your target neighborhoods and including information that’s relevant to those areas, such as info on local schools, neighborhood events, and more, in your direct mail campaigns. You can also personalize direct mail based on the season. For example, if you know an address is home to school-aged children you can send a postcard with messaging specific to the season during the months leading up to summer, as studies show most families move between the months of June, July and August.

QuantumDigital’s real estate direct mail marketing solution AutoMail makes scheduling multiple, personalized direct mail postcards simple. It also includes the option for the recipient to view a free, personalized market report online as an incentive. Once the recipient goes online, they’re asked to fill out a lead form. This form gives you all the information you need as an agent to conduct timely follow-up. Providing a valuable offer is a win-win!

2. Inform about the local market’s behavior

Position yourself as the listing real estate agent authority in your targeted neighborhoods by informing prospective sellers about their local market’s behavior. Providing facts about the demand in an individual's local market not only positions you as the expert but also has the potential to peak an individual’s interest in selling if they had no prior knowledge regarding the worth of their home.

3. Make your postcard interactive

Capture a prospective seller’s attention by making your direct mail postcard interactive! Design a short quiz about the seller’s market on the front, and have them flip the postcard over to reveal the surprising answer. You always want your mailer to stand out, and engaging the reader is the easiest way to grab (and hold) their attention!

4. Ease your prospective seller’s stressors

When deciding to finally sell their home, prospective sellers are faced with a number of overwhelming responsibilities and concerns. Utilize your postcard to highlight all of the expert services you can provide to simplify the seller’s journey such as: market analysis, open house hosting, inspections, price negotiations, and home staging. Emphasizing ways you can bear the brunt of the selling burden may be the gentle push that prospective sellers need.

5. Provide tips for an open house

Hosting an open house can be a daunting task for a prospective seller. By providing tips on how to approach hosting an open house, you can showcase your home-selling expertise and highlight how having an agent can make the whole process easier.

6. Provide tips on photographing a home for market

For buyers who are looking to purchase a home from out of town, pictures are invaluable! Provide tips to prospective sellers to showcase your selling skills. The importance of camera positioning, natural light, contrast and angles may seem obvious to you as the expert, but could provide motivating advice to prospective sellers. Still learning yourself? Check out our blog here for beginner photography tips for agents!

7. Provide tips for staging a home for sale

Staging a home is an overwhelming yet oftentimes necessary task to tackle for sellers. According to a National Association of Realtors study, 77% of percent of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as their future home. By providing a few tips on a variety of subjects related to staging — from deciding which rooms are most important to stage to adding finishing indoor touches such as houseplants — you can share a few key home staging ingredients without giving away your secret sauce.

8. Spring cleaning for a cause

Offer advice on spring cleaning for prospective sellers. Highlight which items are worth packing, and which ones would be better off going in the donation pile. Use this opportunity to reach out to local organizations that accept gently used products. See if they will allow you to leave your business cards at the register in exchange for a shout-out on your postcard. Not only will you align yourself with the community and play a role in giving back, you’ll also market to folks who otherwise may not have heard of your services.

9. Join forces with a local business

Curb appeal is the level of attraction that a potential buyer has when viewing a home from the street, and many agents believe it makes a major difference when appealing to buyers. Individuals who are preparing to sell their homes are also likely to give their yards a makeover beforehand. Consider joining forces with a trusted, local landscaping service by offering to promote their business on your card in exchange for their promotion of your business in their flyers.

10. Provide guidance on the appropriate updates to secure a higher home appraisal

Nobody wants to break the bank preparing to sell their home. Motivate homeowners to sell by providing information on your card that can help them determine which home updates are necessary, and which ones aren’t worth the time or financial investment.


We hope these tips inspired some fresh ideas on how to connect with your target audience while positioning yourself as the neighborhood real estate expert. Remain open to exploring personalization tactics, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your outreach. When you’re ready, we’ll be here to carry you through the direct mail logistics — happy selling!

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